New Year's makeup: quick and easy

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New Year's makeup: quick and easy
New Year's makeup: quick and easy

How to create a perfect image in a few minutes? Our tips will help you not only quickly make a festive make-up, but also look younger.

New Year's makeup: quick and easy

Smooth tone in a couple of minutes

An even and radiant complexion is already half the success in such a laborious task as holiday makeup. So let's get started.

1. Mix with moisturizer before applying foundation. This will allow you to evenly distribute the tone in the folds and pores. Apply foundation with fingertips from inside to outside of face.

2. Smile, and then apply blush on the protruding parts of the cheekbones and blend the borders. Thus, you can give your face a natural freshness. For evening makeup, use a glitter blush.


  • The yellow shade of foundation, which can look completely unattractive in a tube, is best at hiding redness on the face.
  • Before you buy foundation, test it not on your hand, but on your chin. Only in this way will you be able to find the perfect shade for you.
  • When you apply powder, avoid the "dangerous" areas - the outer and inner corners of the eyes and around the mouth. Even if a young girl applies powder to these areas, mimic wrinkles will be visible to the naked eye.
  • If you accidentally applied too much blush, do not remove it with a paper towel. It is better to remove excess blush with a wide brush, and then powder the face with loose light powder.
  • Light peach or pink blush looks attractive on fair skin, terracotta blush on olive skin, and plum or coral blush is ideal for dark skin.

Perfect lips in 1 minute

Beautiful lips always attract attention. Give your lips a vibrant, rich color that lasts as long as possible, easily and simply!

1. Apply the color pigment of the lipstick on your finger or brush, and then on the lips. So you can paint over all the bumps. To make lipstick last longer, blot lips with a tissue and apply another layer on top.

2. After lipstick, apply a pencil. Carefully draw their lips - so that he does not call for a natural contour. The main rule is that the pencil should not be visible!


  • If the skin on the lips is rough, even the highest quality lipstick cannot be applied evenly. This can be avoided by taking proper care of your lips: day and night, use a nourishing balm with vitamin A.
  • Before applying gloss, blend a lip liner that matches your lip color over the entire surface of the lips. After that, coat your lips with a balm containing wax, this way you will create an excellent water-repellent base under the gloss.
  • Lip pencil should not be darker than your lipstick. Choose the one that will match the shade of your lips.
  • To visually enlarge lips, apply a little sparkling gloss to the center of the lower lip.
  • Lipstick on New Year's Eve should be bright, with a glossy texture and always resistant, so as not to worry about its safety throughout the holiday.
  • If you are focusing on the lips, the eyes should not be bright.

Beautiful arrows in 5 minutes

Arrows, like smoky eyes, are quite painstaking work, however, if you master the application technique, you can draw them like a makeup artist!

1. If you haven't used liquid eyeliner in a while, lean back on your dressing table, close your eye, and gently dab the liner along your lash line. If the eyelid is mature, first draw a line from the inner corner to the outer, and then back.

2. Apply shadows to the entire moving eyelid, capturing the orbital bone. If you carefully blend the shade, you can create an invisible haze.

3. Run the pencil along the lashes along the entire lower eyelid, and then fix it with the shadows of the same shade that remained on the brush.


  • Always use a liner before applying mascara. Otherwise, your lashes may stick together and your mascara will smudge.
  • Golden shades are ideal for cool skin tones, bronze tones are ideal for warm skin.
  • It is wrong to think that the color of the shadows must necessarily match the color of the eyes. Avoid monotony! Choose a color that creates contrast, such as gold for brown eyes, mahogany for green eyes, and purple for blue eyes.
  • If you don't have volumizing mascara on hand, use regular loose powder. Powder your lashes and then apply mascara to make your lashes appear thicker and fluffier.
  • For a radiant look, apply some light shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Shadows will last longer if foundation or powder is first applied to the eyelids.
  • Avoid yellow and orange shadows - they make the look tired.

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