Fold napkins for the festive table

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Fold napkins for the festive table
Fold napkins for the festive table

Use heavy fabric napkins for rolling, smooth single color 45-50cm square napkins are best.

Folding napkins for the holiday table

1. Bishop's hat

The corner closest to you, turn up slightly below the far corner. You should end up with a triangle.

Turn the two bottom corners up without joining them together.

Turn the corner formed at the bottom slightly below the first corner.

Turn the end of the last corner down slightly.

2. Fan

Fold the napkin in half. The resulting rectangle should lie with its short side along the edge of the table. Starting from yourself, make 8 folds, smoothing them out.

Fold the napkin in half so that the folds are on the outside at the bottom.

Wrap the top edge down, making a crease. Lower the upper left corner down and place it under the folds. Turn the napkin over so that it is on the right edge. Holding with one hand, unroll the fan.

3. Shirt

Fold the napkin in half to form an even triangle.

On the long side of the triangle, make a small smooth lapel in the center - “shirt collar”.

Turn the napkin to the other side and wrap the two sharp corners up, crossing them together.

Turn the napkin over again and fold the shoulders as wide as you like. Bend the bottom edge of the napkin slightly up.

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