How to celebrate the Year of the Tiger?

How to celebrate the Year of the Tiger?
How to celebrate the Year of the Tiger?

Astrologer's advice: how to decorate the house, what to serve and what to wear on New Year's Eve…

How to celebrate the Year of the Tiger?

The Year of the Metallic White Tiger will start on February 14, 2010 and run until February 2, 2011

Home Decoration

In the decoration of rooms and the table there should be things made of metal: silver dishes, metal trays, ceramic-metal decorations. It would be nice to make toys on the Christmas tree with your own hands and make hidden wishes. And, although, of course, the main decoration of the apartment is an elegant Christmas tree, you can complement the festive atmosphere with green branches, making winter bouquets or New Year's compositions out of them. Spruce branches can be fixed on a bookshelf, behind a picture, pinned to a wall, put in a floor vase. Decorate these branches with Christmas decorations, silver threads, ribbons, bows, attach Christmas candles to them. Suitable branches of any coniferous tree (spruce, pine, arborvitae, cypress). The colors of decorative accessories should be dominated by white, black and yellow colors - "tiger color".

Festive table

It is better to put the table in the middle of the room, in the center of the table - a metal vase with yellow fruits, next to it - yellow, purple or striped (of two colors) candles. It is advisable to serve meat in all forms (for vegetarians - soy products and legumes). Given the character and metallic nature of the current Tiger, it’s a good idea to cook meat on skewers or using a grill, and dishes from potatoes, beets, carrots are suitable as a side dish. Drinks of yellow, red and amber tones, especially pineapple, orange and tangerine juices. Treats should be varied so that the house is full throughout the year.


White color is preferable in clothes, but it is desirable to have something striped in details - a belt, a scarf, gloves… It is recommended to choose accessories and jewelry from natural materials, stones. Good metal rings, beads, bracelets, earrings made of gold, silver, copper and platinum (but not more than two different metals). Jewelry made from natural materials is suitable for clothes: leather, fur, cotton.

The most important thing on New Year's Eve is your festive mood, optimism and belief that the New Year will bring you fulfillment of desires and positive changes!.

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