Ekaterina Klimova: “I spoil children. How else?”

Ekaterina Klimova: “I spoil children. How else?”
Ekaterina Klimova: “I spoil children. How else?”

"I constantly have to fight with everyone, and above all - with myself."

Ekaterina Klimova: “I spoil children. How else?”

In December, Ekaterina Klimova can be seen in Eldar Salavatov's film "Antikiller D.K."

Home Hearth: Were you interested in acting in an action movie?

Ekaterina Klimova: Very interesting. This is a new genre for me, but the most important thing in the acting profession is passion. If he is, then everything will work out. In addition, when you are on the set with people who are pleasant to you: Misha Efremov, Gosha Kutsenko. I watched with my mouth open as they work! Of course, "Antikiller" is a movie for boys: everything explodes, cars turn over … But there is one more line - a romantic one. During filming, the script changed a lot, but for me the main thing was that love remained in the film, and I held on to it until the end!

BEFORE: When you and your family go somewhere, who usually drives - you or Igor?

EK: If we are traveling with my husband, then of course I prefer to give the reins to him. And if the purchases fell on my head or I gathered the children and take them somewhere, then I'm driving.

TO: Do you enjoy pre-holiday shopping, picking gifts for everyone?

EC: Of course I do and I try not to forget anyone. Another thing is that the New Year is a fabulous holiday, and when you become an adult, you understand that all the gifts were simply bought by your parents or husband. And to keep the holiday feeling, I like to do things myself. For example, buying a toy in a store and telling a child that Santa Claus brought it, in my opinion, is not at all interesting. It will not bring any joy or surprise to children. And when Lisa and I ourselves sew a New Year's costume for her, and she chooses in advance who she wants to be, and we do not just buy it in the store, but invent, select the details - this is a completely different matter. Now I have accumulated a lot of fur that I do not need. So this year we will make her a kitty or fox costume. Similarly, gifts can be brought closer to magic - it will work if you choose something very pleasant, and the person likes that you came up with something special for him.

TO: And what will Santa Claus bring to children?

EK: Matvey is now three and playing with cars. And Korney is a year old, and he needs the same thing as Matvey. So you can give them a lot of things, but they will still play only cars. And Lisa says: “Give me anything, but not clothes!” She is seven years old, but she is not a fashionista at all. She wears only what she is comfortable in, and she is not interested in pink or rhinestones. She plays mostly computer games. It seems to me that children now almost do not play with toys at all - they are more and more sitting at the computer.

BEFORE: Do you spoil kids?

EK: Yes. Thanks to the fact that my grandmothers and nannies help me, I have the opportunity to just communicate with the children - not to yell at them, because I'm in a hurry somewhere and I need to do something. I can just spend an hour, or two, or even fifteen minutes a day with them and devote this time to communication. Of course, I miss them and therefore I forgive everything. It is probably right to raise a child with the feeling that he is the best and most beloved. The child must be confident that he can do everything, then he will succeed.

BEFORE: How are you celebrating the New Year this time?

EK: It's a secret. I can only say that it is important for me to celebrate it in a new way every time. After all, repeating what worked well last time will still not work. In fact, the New Year is such a traditional holiday that even if you celebrate it in Goa, you will definitely have tangerines, champagne and Russian salad. Now they write a lot about what and how to celebrate. But I prefer to wear what suits me and eat what I like.

BEFORE: Do you plan your holiday in advance, or do you spontaneously decide everything at the last moment?

EC: It happens in different ways. Sometimes it seems to me that I didn’t have time to prepare anything and nothing will work out, and suddenly it turns out that Igor surprised me and already rented a big house, and we are all going there with friends. And it happens that he is somewhere wrapped up, and I ring up all the relatives and call them to us. We have a saying in our family: everything that is done is for the best. We very often do not do something, because we forget or are lazy, and then it turns out that all this is for the best.

BEFORE: Do you remember what Igor gave you last year?

EK: Can't remember…

BEFORE: And you to him?

EK: I don't remember… We had a wedding on December 31, so the New Year went unnoticed!

BEFORE: Two years ago in an interview with "DO" you said that all household chores are on you. Since then, Korney was born, which means that there are even more worries?

EK: I didn't mean that I do everything myself - I cook, I clean, and I sit with the children. I work, but some organizational issues are still on me, because it’s easier for me to do certain things myself than to explain to Igor what and how. I think that Igor's exploits in the upbringing of the boys are still ahead - fishing trips, football, boxing. It seems to me that men have contact with children when the diaper period ends and the child begins to walk and talk. Then they find a common language. So Igor's time has not come yet.

TO: Is it important for you to keep your house in order, and that your husband is always waiting for a hot dinner?

EK: It often happens that I cook dinner, and my husband comes not hungry. And it happens that he asks: “Where is dinner?”, - but there is no dinner, and then we go to a restaurant. Igor is very unpretentious in food, so in this respect everything is quite simple with us. And the order in the house is my scourge. I have to fight with everyone, and above all - with myself. On tour, the first thing I do in a hotel is to scatter all the things. And I immediately return to childhood, when everything was sketched out by my sister, and my mother shouted: “Can't you sort it out in the closet?” And when I come home, I start chasing everyone - both Igor and the children. I have to do it. If not me, then who?

TO: Do you have time for yourself?

EC: It happens on tour. You arrive at the hotel, wake up in the morning. Maybe you would like to wash something, feed someone, braid your hair. But no one is around! And you are left alone with a book or with a TV. For me, this is relaxation. And if there is a free day on tour, this is generally a fairy tale. I used to walk around the city on such days, but now I just sleep in my room.

BEFORE: Do you have a dream that hasn't come true yet?

EK: Like any woman, I dream of having a big house where we could all live together, spend evenings, meet sunrises, gather around a big table… Probably strange: I seem to be a progressive woman who lives in a big city. But in fact, I would like to sit in this big house and do only what I like! And only date people I like, not people I need to date.

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