Elizaveta Boyarskaya: “I love January 1!”

Elizaveta Boyarskaya: “I love January 1!”
Elizaveta Boyarskaya: “I love January 1!”

Country house, fireplace, family, and I read some fairy tale to the children…

Elizaveta Boyarskaya: “I love January 1!”

Elizaveta Boyarskaya is one of the most beautiful actresses in Russian cinema. She works a lot and at home, by her own admission, is almost as rare as on the set, and therefore still lives with her parents. However, she is already dreaming of her own family nest

Elizaveta Boyarskaya: Firstly, now this concept has been replicated. Remember the motto "Build your love!" and similar shows. This word is inserted into the headlines of newspapers and advertising slogans by all and sundry. But to truly love, and to withstand this love, and carry it through life, is not given to everyone. In addition to being a grace and a gift from God, this is a very big responsibility. You need to be ready to endure, wait and suffer too. Love implies a mixture of sacrifice and humility. And the case with Anna Vasilievna confirms this one hundred percent. I just understood it, accepted it and do not scatter the word “love”. I use it extremely rarely and I can hardly confuse this feeling with something else.

BEFORE: Are there people you tell you love them?

EB: This is my family: mom, dad, brother, nieces.

BEFORE: You recently played the character of Williams in the theater. Can she love?

EB: I'm playing Dorothea in Tennessee Williams' new production of A Beautiful Sunday for a Broken Heart. She is a very interesting heroine and my opposite in almost everything, from appearance to attitude. Although we are brought together by the fact that she lives in illusions, and I also like to dream. And I trust people, sometimes I'm too open. Dorothea looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. I stand firmly on my feet and understand the realities of life, although I am a dreamer. At the end of the play, her "crystal world" collapses. Tragedy!

BEFORE: Dorothea is also defenseless. Can you protect yourself?

EB: I can. Physically, I didn’t have to, God forbid, and I don’t have to. And morally - yes.

BEFORE: If your opinion is being forced on you…

EB: I won't argue. It is better to remain silent, it is more correct and wiser. My mother also agrees, and then does it her own way. Even if you don't do it your way, you will stick to your opinion.

BEFORE: But you yourself admitted that you are a very right person in life. So, is it difficult for you to remain silent?

EB: I don't consider myself particularly correct. I just have rigid principles, well-established ideas about life that change with age, with circumstances, with new roles. And what is right in our acting life when you are not at home, when out of 24 hours 17 are at work! I was talking more about inner composure. I remember what time it is, I'm never late, it's more convenient for me.

BEFORE: Were there times when you got tired of life on the run?

EB: Of course I was tired. But I am aware that I cannot do otherwise. And when fatigue comes, I know how to stop myself, to regret. But to let off steam, I need a little time. And I don't lash out at anyone. I can cry quietly, take a walk, I can read my beloved Akhmatova. But this rarely happens to me. After all, as soon as the pace of life drops, I immediately begin to panic. I just don’t know how to rest, just like dad. On vacation, we are absolutely useless people, because we cannot fully relax. After two days, there is a feeling that you need to run somewhere, do something, quickly, quickly, quickly …

BEFORE: Have you summed up the results of 2009 for yourself? You've accomplished a lot!

EB: This year I didn't act much, but a lot of films came out on the screen. In August, I starred in the film “I won’t tell,” directed by Igor Kopylov, I hope the movie will be released next year. On Channel One there was a picture with my participation “I'll be back”, in October 10 episodes of “Admiral” were released, where the lines of all the heroes were expanded and the fate of Kolchak was consecrated in more detail. And, perhaps, enough for this year already.

BEFORE: You still live with your parents. Thinking about getting your own apartment?

EB: No, because I am at home out of 12 months I go 8. If I come to a separate apartment, I won’t be able to see my family at all.

BEFORE: The Boyarsky clan traditionally has a family New Year?

EB: Always at home and always about the same. And every year the holiday is getting shorter. Before, we at least went out into the street, this is when I was still at school. And now the parents are playing a performance on the 31st - for many years in a row. While they are not at home, I set the table with what my mother has prepared. This is if I do not have a performance. At 11-11.30 guests gather, we celebrate the New Year, everyone sits for 2-3 hours, and at three in the morning we no longer have anyone at home. Everything is very modest and fast. And that's why I prefer, when it's all over, to sail somewhere with friends.

BEFORE: Who decorates the Christmas tree?

EB: It used to be my job. And now her eldest niece is dressing her with my mother.

TO: How much time do you spend choosing Christmas gifts?

EB: Half an hour. The main thing is not to forget anyone. In our family, it is not customary to give luxurious New Year's gifts. You can pick up something special for your birthday. As a rule, on New Year's Eve we give each other something simple and necessary. I love useful gifts, not figurines that then stand and gather dust. Soaps, shampoos, perfumes - everything that goes into business is given as a gift. As a rule, I run from rehearsal for gifts.

BEFORE: What do you usually buy for your nieces?

EB: I don't skimp on my nieces. I can't buy toys for myself, I've grown up already! But I still really like them. Therefore, I go to the store, I think that I would buy myself, I take all this for the girls, in general, I am very generous aunt.

TO: Do you like to cook?

EB: More no than yes. Everything takes time. Buy groceries, find a recipe, cook, make a mistake, cook again. I don't have time for that, unfortunately. Although I would like to learn.

BEFORE: Do you remember how you celebrated the New Year as a child?

EB: Yes, our holidays do not change, honestly! Even the composition of the guests is about the same.

BEFORE: And when you get your own hearth, how will you spend the New Year holidays?

EB: We always celebrated the New Year at home, it doesn't even occur to me how else to celebrate it. It seems to me that it is boring to celebrate the New Year in a restaurant. Tight and stiff. You can go to a warm country, better with your own company. A palm tree instead of a Christmas tree, probably interesting. I would try once. And better - in the Santa Claus Village in Lapland. And the kids would be interested there.

BEFORE: You admitted that you are a dreamer. What do you dream about on New Year's Eve?

EB: About vacation. And also about real things and unreal things. I would like in the future, for example, to make my own movies. Although I understand that this is actually fantastic! To do this, you must at least get a second higher education and have free time. And not to have a family at the same time, it is desirable. And I can’t sacrifice my family, that’s for sure. But, in the end, I can offer some ideas! I love to write very much. Perhaps this will translate into scripts.

TO: How do you usually spend the first of January?

EB: I love the first of January! All day in pajamas. Salads from the refrigerator. And a huge number of non-committal films that I watch non-stop. Last year I watched Real Dad and Carrot Love with great pleasure. This is the movie to watch on the first of January.

BEFORE: When the first of January ends, do you feel sad?

EB: Rather, not sad, but anxious: the old year ends and a new one begins - unknown. And terribly responsible. But the second I wake up and boldly fill a blank calendar sheet with new events.

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