Online project "Formula Form" has come to an end

Online project "Formula Form" has come to an end
Online project "Formula Form" has come to an end

The online project "Formula of the Form" has ended. Read the stories of the project participants.

Online project "Formula Form" has come to an end

The online project "Formula Forms" has been completed, organized by the Russian pharmaceutical company "Promo-Med" together with the infotainment portal For six months, everyone could watch its development on the pages of the site and

Recall: in early June, a group of 12 volunteers with the help of a modern safe drug under the close attention of doctors - nutritionists, endocrinologists of the Family Doctor polyclinic network and psychologists of the Pyatnitskaya Psychological Center - began to lose weight literally before our eyes with a multi-million internet audience.

In order to become a participant in the project, Internet habitues who wanted to lose weight were asked to pass a simple survey, while the gender and social status of the potential heroes of the "Formula Form" did not play any role. Questionnaires came a lot, a lot. However, after a medical examination, the number of applicants decreased significantly. As a result, 12 participants joined the project - eight determined women and three brave men.

The peculiarity of the "Formula of Form" project is complete information transparency and accessibility: throughout the entire project, its participants with all frankness described the changes taking place with them in personal blogs, shared their joys, anxieties, uploaded their own photos - in a word, actively communicated among themselves and engaged the Internet community in conversations.

So. Project completed - now what? With this question, we turned to the four heroines of the Form Formula.

Irina Rodchenko, 44 ​​years old. Visagiste. Weight (project start) - 77 kg. At the end of the project - 69 kg

Exceptionally feminine, soft, calm, smooth in everything - in movements, conversation…

"I'm fine. Life goes on. I am sure: I will not return to the previous weight. I have already completed my program - I lost 8 kilograms. I did not set the task of "losing as much as possible" - I am quite satisfied with my current weight.

This does not mean that now, after the completion of the Form Formula, I will go with the flow - no. The project showed: I have willpower. If something is interesting to me, I easily and simply rearrange, but I can’t and don’t want to completely limit myself, so if I want to eat something tasty, I allow myself, but in moderation.

Losing excess weight has released a lot of energy - I have more time, I get up easier in the morning, I feel light and inspired - of course, I will try to maintain this state!

I get so many compliments… Especially from those who have not seen me for a long time - they say I have changed a lot, they are interested in how this is possible. I am happy to talk about the project and the drug. You know, I myself was very skeptical, despite the fact that I was among the first to send the questionnaire. I thought nothing would come of it. And here it is. I am very glad that I became a member of the "Formula Form" - this is a great success! One problem: I have to urgently update my wardrobe. A funny story happened to me. I went to rest on the sea, I was going to hastily, already on the spot it turned out that all my old summer things were great. Well, I took knitting with me - quickly, quickly made a belt of turquoise yarn - it helped me out.”

Tatiana Sinyaeva, 33 years old. Mother of three, military. Weight (project start) - 86 kg. At the end of the project - 70 kg

Perhaps, it is about Tatyana that one can rightly say: she has changed beyond recognition! Bright, fun, effective. It seems that, along with extra pounds, Tanya lost 10 years or more.

“In my case, the weight “moved” only after a month of the project - after the doctors increased the dose of the drug. I did not experience any problems - neither with sleep, nor with well-being in general - I lost weight easily. I made it a rule to do body flex - my family even got worried that I would not lose weight at all. (Laughs)

I want to say this: never before have I achieved such significant results as on the project. Now I can walk in heels, do not believe it, until recently my legs hurt so much that I could hardly move - I have arthritis, arthrosis of the knee joints. She lost extra pounds - it became much easier!

I am very, very happy that I got into the Formula. Everything has changed for me. Self-esteem, lifestyle, way of thinking. I started eating less. Herself. I just don't feel like it. A few months ago, I could put 5-6 tablespoons of sugar in my tea … And now I’ll put one and I’m sorry - why did I make it so sweet?

What a pleasure to shop! I used to wear size 62, today I choose between size 48 and 50 and buy what I like, not what "fits".

Of course, I understand that if you "bloom", the weight will return again - no medicine will help. Need a mood. I have it. Largely thanks to the project, the blog, other participants, courage appeared, the desire to change only for the better.

As you can see, I completely changed my image. Everyone praises. I myself am very happy - I feel organically and well. My husband didn't know right away. Somehow I returned from work early, and I was sitting with my back - at the computer. He quietly asks the eldest son, they say, and who is this visiting us? In general, the husband is happy, only now, he says, there is no need to lose weight anymore - he is worried that “skin and bones” will remain. And I don’t think to lose weight much - as they say, without fanaticism!”

Natalya Kalmykova, "53 years old on the passport, 33 in the soul." A real business woman. Weight (project start) - 96 kg. At the end of the project - 86 kg

It seems that the vital energy of this woman would be enough for four: Natalya Nikolaevna is active, sociable, she literally gushes with ideas, inspires, changes herself and positively influences others. In addition, Natalya Nikolaevna is just a very beautiful woman.

“The project has changed me. If a year ago I thought that enough was enough for me, "my fast train left", but now I am full of plans, I really started a new life (although I did not surprise my loved ones with this). But what she herself was amazed to amazement - before, she didn’t like to write at all, her soul didn’t lie. And during the project, perhaps due to the fact that I had to keep my own blog, an acute desire to create woke up - write down everything that hurts, put thoughts on paper and share experiences. Apparently, the fat melted, which used to block the part of the brain responsible for the literary gift (Laughs). I have already written a thing (either a story, or just a sketch about life) and called it "Long-distance train passenger syndrome".

Creativity captured me. I think I will continue to blog - in one form or another.

Thanks to Katyushka (my son's wife, I don't like the word daughter-in-law, it's kind of dry), helped me master the virtual world. Now I can communicate freely, and I have something to tell.

In general, life "played with new colors." I get so many admiring glances! This is so nice! Very pleased with the reaction of loved ones. Not so long ago I went to Turkey - to my daughter. After giving birth, she “loosened up”, and every mother wants to see her daughter only in the best possible way. And the “excuses” began - I get tired, I have no time to deal with myself, etc. All this was until the moment my daughter saw me, built and prettier. It turned out that I'm new better than any moralizing and recommendations - my daughter firmly decided to take care of herself, and I'm sure she will achieve excellent results.

Feel good, get less tired and get more done. Also, my blood pressure dropped. Even at the very beginning, at the first appointment with the endocrinologist, they told me: minus 10 kilograms - minus 10 divisions. And you know, she was absolutely right: I lost 10 kg, and the pressure dropped exactly 10 units.

At the moment I am not taking the drug - it took me four months to completely change my eating habits. I do not eat as before, that is, "as is customary" - breakfast, lunch, dinner - no. I "peck" every 2-3 hours a little. At the same time, it is easy and comfortable for me - no violence against the body.

The project confirmed me in one simple truth: if you really want something, you don’t have to lie on the couch and dream, you need to act, and you will definitely achieve results, and it’s not just about weight.”

Zolina Oksana, 29 years old. Mother of two children. Went to work not too long ago. Weight (project start) - 135 kg. At the end of the project - 113 kg

Oksana is the undisputed leader: for the project she managed to lose 30 kilograms of excess weight! This is an absolute record.

“This is not the limit - there is no limit to perfection. I'll be honest: I don't feel the same euphoria about weight loss - I already take it for granted. Feeling much better. Lightness appeared, more energy, less fatigue.

Of course, the project brought a lot of new things to my life, but I can't say that it has radically changed something.

I'm not going to stop there. I will definitely lose more weight. True, relatives accept me any - for children I am a beloved mother, no matter how much I weigh. But it is very important for me to be “in shape”, beautiful.

Acquaintances whom I have not seen for a long time do not believe - they say this cannot be, they suggest that I did liposuction.

About the problem of excess weight - without embellishment.

Overweight, obesity is not only a cosmetic problem. Every year more people die from obesity-related diseases than in car and plane crashes. Against the background of excess weight, the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the development of diabetes mellitus increases several times, carbohydrate and fat metabolism is disturbed, hormonal disorders occur, leading to infertility and sexual dysfunction.

According to the majority of modern nutritionists, the reason for the appearance of extra pounds is wrong eating behavior, leading to obesity, which provokes many serious diseases.

You can lose weight by reviewing the structure and calorie content of the diet, as well as changing physical activity. These simple rules require self-discipline and willpower.

Detailed information about the project - on the website and by calling the free Hotline 8-800-100-102-1.

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