Down with black, the road to color

Fashion 2023
Down with black, the road to color
Down with black, the road to color

Tasha Strict, fashion designer, designer and host of the television program "Take it off immediately!"

Down with black, road to color!

Knitwear, like jeans, is a material that endures everything. You can pick up a belt made of satin, suit fabric, crepe to it …

BEFORE: And yet, what colors are in fashion now?

TS: For several seasons, cornflower blue, purple, delicate beige, golden, silver have been fashionable. And while these colors continue to hold the lead. Bursts of orange, coral appear periodically. The black-and-gray gamma remains as the base for autumn and winter, you can’t get away from it.

But when buying clothes in bright colors, I advise you to avoid things with bright intrusive patterns. Because the pattern is usually very binding and, unlike the color, has a clear seasonality.

TO: What dress silhouettes do you recommend?

TS: There is a brilliant move that will allow you to create a versatile outfit. Buy a straight, solid color dress. And sew it yourself or ask someone to sew a few belts. Let them be contrasting in color or texture of the fabric (for example, a matte belt for a satin dress), of different widths. And now you can wrap the belt at the waist, on the hips - where necessary. If there is a small tummy, right on the belly line. This will flatten your belly and at the same time give you a trendy accent. A belt at the waist creates a delicate, fitted silhouette. In fact, you will have several different outfits.

TO: How to choose the right skirt and blouse?

TS: The ideal length of the skirt, in my opinion, is to the middle of the knee. Long skirts are not good because they visually land the figure. And, in order to compensate for this, you have to wear very high heels, and this is not very comfortable. The ideal silhouette that suits everyone is a sheath skirt to the middle of the knee, slightly narrowed down. If you have round hips, you can choose a silhouette that is extended downwards. I would recommend a satin skirt (here you can already wear black, then you can wear it later, on less solemn occasions) and a bright colored blouse. It can be a white blouse with a spectacular bow.

BEFORE: How not to make mistakes with jewelry?

TS: A young slender girl can, for example, wear several bracelets of different texture and design at the same time. This requires sufficient taste and flair, but youth and a good figure compensate for possible mistakes. But at the age of 35 years and older, you need to be very careful with jewelry. For an overweight woman, it is better to wear long chains or beads that visually slim, stretch the figure. In general, the more roundness in a woman's figure, the more careful you need to be with jewelry. It looks bad when a large woman ties a small gas scarf around her neck.

Pearl long threads, chains (not gold or silver, but jewelry), not very massive pendants, small pendants are well suited to an elegant dress.

TO: On New Year's Eve we often go out - what to wear on top of an elegant dress?

TS: I suggest you just change into comfortable clothes before going for a walk. I myself always do this. We usually celebrate the New Year in the country. And, sitting near the fireplace with a glass of champagne, I want to be in a dress, on heels, with jewelry. And when we go outside, I always change into jeans, a sweater, a jacket - it's a completely different kind of pleasure!

Advice from Tasha Strict

1. Don't be afraid to wear satin - it's still the most festive fabric. There were times when brocade was in fashion, but today too luxurious fabrics are no longer relevant.

2. Remember that you will have to spend quite a lot of time at the table. So avoid things that wrinkle too much.

3. Fat short women are not shown large brooches that will suit tall and slender women.

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