Your holiday - your conditions

Your holiday - your conditions
Your holiday - your conditions

Actress Tatyana Vedeneeva, the host of the program "A Matter of Taste" shares ideas for the New Year's party

Your holiday - your conditions


New Year is not an exhibition of dresses and diamonds, but a celebration of fun, when everyone has the opportunity to fool around and have fun from the heart. If you receive guests at home, then you have every right to announce the conditions of the party, set its format. My friends and I have tried many script options and I can say that people are happy to respond to offers to prepare for the holiday in a special way. For example, you can invite all men to wear bow ties or elegant red scarves, declare a color that should be present in the outfits of all guests. And, if someone comes to a party in pink in a formal suit and pink socks, it will already be fun.

Of course, it is always a pleasure for women to take the opportunity to wear a beautiful dress. So, one more condition: no jeans!

Before the chiming clock and after

There are many time zones in our country. And in order to fill the anticipation of the main event of the evening - the chiming clock with action, you can start seeing off the Old Year at the same time as people in other Russian (and not only) regions meet it. Perhaps some of the guests come from different cities, memories or events are associated with them. There is a reason to raise a glass for the coming of the holiday at different points on the map, and at the same time share your memories.

After the New Year's Eve, when the guests have a little snack, drink and relax, you can arrange a dance or offer to play something. If you need an idea, look on the Internet - there you can find games for every taste and age. My friends and I, for example, recklessly played “What? Where? When?”.


If all your guests have known each other for a long time, there will be no problems with communication. But when strangers meet, I want to relieve tension in some way, at least until the conversation starts by itself. The best way to introduce and bring people a little closer is to work together. Invite guests to participate in decorating a table or room. Leave some of the Christmas toys in the boxes and ask your friends to choose their own Christmas tree design. Very soon you will see that there will be no trace of embarrassment or awkwardness.

Choose menu

In order for the hostess of the holiday to have the strength to have fun, there are several options for organizing a feast. If funds allow, you can order catering, home delivery of ready meals. Or agree with friends who is responsible for which part of the menu. If there is a person among the guests who knows how and loves to cook, offer him a festive master class in your kitchen - it's always interesting.

I love serving meals in portions, but I understand that at home it is quite difficult to organize several changes of dishes and cutlery in one evening. Then let snacks be on the table. Just do not need to “load” guests with Olivier salad from the very beginning, choose something light so that everyone can not only dance, but also try your New Year's dessert. If you're starting with a buffet, make "one-bite" canapés. Try to choose dishes that are convenient to eat with a fork from a plate. Sauces should preferably be served in separate gravy boats. Dishes containing a lot of fatty sauce are difficult to eat - the sauce risks being on the floor.

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