Masquerade costumes do it yourself

Masquerade costumes do it yourself
Masquerade costumes do it yourself

A masquerade costume created by a mother or grandmother is the most memorable for a child.

DIY masquerade costumes

We invite you to decide - and create an unusual costume for your child! Let your son or daughter be the one and only on the holiday, let them come up with the details of the outfit with you (and for this you need to get into books, read the texts and carefully examine the illustrations) and let them be proud of their mother, who can create real magic!

What you need to create a costume:

  • Decide which character is the most attractive to the child. Do not impose your opinion on him: if he is crazy about Spider-Man or Shrek, give him the opportunity to be in the shoes of his favorite character, and in the most direct sense.
  • Draw the future costume - you take on the basis, and the child is quite able to color the picture and finish the details.
  • Correct the idea with reality: can you make all the "things" that are intended, or is it too difficult. Ask your child how to simplify the outfit?
  • Buy (or get out of the box for needlework) all the necessary materials and accessories, put them in one place so as not to look around the house.
  • Buy face painting and complete the outfit with a matching pattern on the face. Keep in mind - face painting is better not to use if the child is under three years old!

Ideas for children's carnival costumes:

Tiger costume

A one-year-old baby or baby is unlikely to like parents' attempts to dress him up in some handsome man in a white shirt with a tie or a snowflake in a spiky tutu.

At this age, the main thing is not to restrict freedom of movement. If a child is most familiar with sliders, then it makes sense to build a costume on this basis. Here is just one of the ideas - a tiger cub, white or red. He has paws, ears and a tail, he is incredibly cute and very natural, because he can move naturally - on all fours!

You will need:

  • white or orange velor fabric (preferably with Lycra added) for overalls. You can also use a ready-made jumpsuit of a suitable color, best with fasteners on the back
  • black paint or permanent fabric marker - draw stripes
  • pink fabric for paws and ears

Gorgon Medusa Costume

Scary, as much horror! Medusa Gorgon from the myths of Ancient Greece can scare anyone you want. In order to reincarnate as a terrifying sorceress, one must thoroughly study these very myths and find out that the Gorgon turned those who look at her into stone. And only after that we start creating the costume.

The idea is simple: a sundress with straps, a cape, gold ornaments in the ancient Greek style and - most importantly - a hairstyle! Hair will have to be braided into many braids, fixed with a thin wire and give it the appearance of writhing snakes.

You will need:

  • black cloth
  • gold braid
  • thin wire that holds its shape
  • open sandals or sandals


Shiny beads, earrings, bracelets. Be sure to rehearse the unblinking look from under your brows, from which anyone turns to stone. Do not think that the child will be too scared: according to psychologists, “feeling” your fear is very useful and helps you feel more confident. No wonder children love horror movies and scary stories so much.

face painting: in order to create the image of the Gorgon, you can try to draw huge black eyes and paint the face with silver paint. And you can imitate such long eyelashes, which also wriggle like snakes.

West cowboy costume

No boy will refuse to become a real cowboy even for the evening. The costume is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Ordinary jeans are converted into leather cowboy pants with the help of false legs that are held on by a belt. A vest, scarf and hat can be found in any home. There is not much left to do: put as many pistols in your pockets as possible and rehearse the cowboy squint with the words: “Who is trying to break the law here?”.

You will need:

  • artificial leather or thick fabric for pants
  • vest made from the same fabric
  • thick leather belt
  • colored scarf around the neck
  • brimmed hat, hat string


Pistols, shotguns, spurs. You can make a sheriff's star out of a tin can lid. By the way, cowboys are from America, so you can learn a few "downhole" phrases in English like "You did a good job for me …" (a great reason to remember and repeat English grammar).

Face painting: light unshaven is created by carefully blending black paint. Draw stubble with black dots and emphasize the lines of the eyebrows - the cowboy is a little gloomy, but he can definitely be relied upon!

Superman suit

Even if you're only four months old and can't sit still, it doesn't mean you can't dress up in fancy dress. Now - to the delight of loving relatives. And in three years, your grown-up baby will be completely delighted when he sees himself in such a photograph, for example, as a Superman outfit!

This costume is very easy to make and then can be used as a normal envelope for the home.

You will need:

  • red, blue and yellow fabric
  • fabric glue


On the back, you can make ties or Velcro fasteners. The main thing is that the fabric should be breathable so that the child does not sweat, and soft so as not to rub the skin.

How to make an Indian costume

If a girl can't sit still, if she always likes to jump, fight and climb where she shouldn't climb, why would she dress up as boring princesses or snowflakes? Here is a do-it-yourself Indian costume for a girl - this is for her! To become the leader of the Redskins, not so much is needed - the main thing is more amulets, feathers and war paint. And you can run legally.

Indian costume for girls

Handmade Indian costume:

  • large long-sleeved T-shirt (like daddy's)
  • textile ribbons with geometric patterns of different widths that are sewn onto a T-shirt
  • headband
  • fringe
  • bird feathers that can be attached to a bandage

Optional for Indian costume:

Bow and arrows, amulets in the form of heads, birds, etc. Practice phrases like: "Stop, pale-faced friend!" or "Comanche, go!" - and teach the child to freeze with a still face and palm facing outward. Success guaranteed!

face painting: here you can allow yourself to fantasize - after all, each of the Indian tribes carefully preserves its own way of painting faces and bodies. Stripes of all colors, circles, rhombuses, triangles, the main thing is to come up with a legend about why this is drawn. And because you can read a couple of books about the Indians. Other DIY children's costumes.

Hussar parade costume

This costume looks especially cute on boys aged 3-6, because at this age they begin to get excited about everything military - pistols, sabers, uniforms and all that. And making an outfit is not that difficult.

You will need:

  • suit made of thick fabric (like velveteen)
  • gold braid for embroidery
  • high boots
  • white fabric for the cape, the edges of which are also trimmed with gold

To keep your child from getting too hot, make covers imitating boots from a shape-holding fabric. Sew an elastic band at the bottom - and you can put these covers on top of slippers or Czechs. Sew a cap from the same fabric, however, you can also use a black grandfather's hat by cutting off its wide brim.


Pistol, saber or sword. A toy guitar in the hands of a young hussar will look funny. Or you can learn a peppy hussar song with your baby.

Northern girl costume

She can drive a dog sled, catch fish and start a fire. The costume of a northerner can be different, the main thing is that it must be trimmed with fur, as it should be for residents of cold lands. A short dress made of shiny fabric or mom's blouse is fine as a base. You can also use a light, long jacket with a hood.

You will need:

  • base (if the fabric is not shiny, then it is better to decorate it with snowflakes or silver sequins)
  • Faux fur for hood, sleeves, drawstrings and hem
  • "high boots" - covers sewn from two pieces of fur, with elastic bands at the bottom (for fixing from below on Czech shoes or sneakers)
  • shiny headband


Face makeup: like real Eskimos, black-painted eyes look slanted, and graphic fish on the cheek resemble drawings that have been used by northern peoples in folklore since ancient times.

Knight costume

The image does not have to be sad at all, but it is desirable to be strict. It is appropriate for a knight to behave with restraint, politeness (wouldn't he repeat the rules of etiquette?) and treat the surrounding ladies with reverence. In a costume, the main thing is the coat of arms, which must be invented and explained. A tunic can be sewn, or a long white T-shirt can be adapted. On the legs - an imitation of soft boots (take adult stockings and gather them in height with an elastic band), on the head - a soft helmet made of silvery fabric.

You will need:

  • white long t-shirt or jumper
  • black knit trousers
  • high jersey stockings
  • fabric for the coat of arms that you will attach to the tunic
  • silver helmet fabric


Of course, a knight is en titled to a shield and a sword, and also a portrait of a beautiful lady, for whose sake feats are performed.

Face makeup: a knight can slightly emphasize his eyebrows and draw the same family crest on his cheek.

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