Choosing a live Christmas tree

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Choosing a live Christmas tree
Choosing a live Christmas tree

If you want to arrange a real holiday for your loved ones, then you can't do without a real Christmas tree. Read how to choose and care for a live Christmas tree so that it will please the eye longer

We choose a live Christmas tree!

How to choose a Christmas tree

  1. Our spruces and pines are cut in the tenth of December, and imported - from the end of November. To test the freshness of a tree, break off a small branch. If it breaks off easily and with a bang, then the tree is dry and was cut down a month before the holidays or experienced a sharp temperature fluctuation. The branches of a fresh Christmas tree are elastic and it will not be easy to break them off.
  2. The color of the needles of a Russian Christmas tree should be bright green.
  3. The girth of the trunk should be at least 6 centimeters, a thin trunk is a sign of a sick tree.
  4. If you grind fresh needles, your fingers will become oily and you will smell the needles. If the needles are dry and odorless to the touch, then the tree is frostbite.
  5. The tree should not crumble if it is slightly rocked. Pay attention to whether the log house is fresh.

How to care for a live Christmas tree at home

  1. Having bought a Christmas tree a few days before the holiday, put it on the balcony or in a cool dark place in an ordinary bucket of water.
  2. Before you install the tree, shorten the trunk a few centimeters. This will help open the pores of the wood so that it can absorb moisture.
  3. The lower the temperature and the higher the humidity in the room, the longer the festive look of any tree will last.
  4. Try to install the Christmas tree away from the radiator.
  5. Spray needles and branches with water from a spray bottle.
  6. In a pot or bucket where the Christmas tree will stand, you can pour sand, which then regularly moisten with water.
  7. Spruce should be watered as often as houseplants.
  8. It is recommended to add cut flower liquid to the water, which can be easily bought at any flower shop. Adding regular sugar to water will not work
At the Christmas tree market Norman fir

Norman fir, or Danish fir, is especially fluffy. Fir needles are flat, long and soft, their upper surface is painted deep green, and the lower one has two light stripes. Thanks to these stripes, the tree appears silvery when changing the angle of view. Norman firs are grown in nurseries and are designed specifically for the New Year and Christmas holidays. Can last 7-10 weeks and stay fluffy and fresh.

Russian spruce

This is a classic Christmas tree commonly sold at Christmas markets. Norway spruce is heterogeneous in appearance, which is due to the different types of its branching. The arrangement of branches is always asymmetrical, and there are quite a few branches themselves. Light green needles are short and stiff. A good, fresh tree can stand until the end of January, however, then it will fall off sharply, so it is important not to miss the moment. Many people choose a domestic Christmas tree, because it is she who has the strongest coniferous aroma.

Scotch pine

The classic Christmas pine is extremely popular in the Czech Republic. The crown is a regular cone. Compared to spruce, it is better kept warm. The needles are large and fall less than those of a Christmas tree, and they are also easier to clean. Recently, an increasing number of buyers prefer black pine. Compared to ordinary pine, its needles are longer and tighter, and the crown is stronger and wider. Usually a rich dark green color.

Prickly spruce - Picea pungens

This tree is native to North America. It is found in several colors - from dark green to silver. The needles are very prickly, but keep a fresh look for a long time and do not fall off.

Christmas trees in tubs

If you do not want to destroy the tree, you can buy a Christmas tree in a container with nutrient soil. Such a tree can be installed in a room or office, can be used to decorate the entrance. The main thing is not to forget to water the tree. Trees in containers have a completely preserved root system, so they can be planted in the garden after the holidays.

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