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Mothercare presents
Mothercare presents

Mothercare Introduces Revolutionary New Spin Travel System

Mothercare Presents

The uniqueness of the new Mothercare Spin stroller is that the child's position can be changed in just a few seconds without the need to take the child out of the stroller. Experts in the field of child development say that at an early age, it is extremely important for babies to communicate with their parents “face to face”. In this way, children get their first social experience, learn to speak and listen.

There are benefits to being in the forward-facing position, especially as the child gets older. In this position, the child not only gets the opportunity to look at passers-by and explore new phenomena during walks - turning the stroller into the “forward facing” position will help switch the baby’s attention if necessary.

In addition, this stroller is suitable from birth, because The seat of the stroller can be easily converted into a carrycot. It is enough to move the seat to a horizontal position in one movement and unfasten the fasteners.

"Designed with innovation and creativity in mind, Mothercare Spin adapts to the needs of parents and baby in a modern design" -

Paul Walker, chief designer for mothercare home and travel products.

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