Gifts for "special" people

Gifts for "special" people
Gifts for "special" people

Gift ideas for "special" recipients - parents of a husband, those who have everything, the elderly, distant relatives and children of friends.

Gifts for "special" people

What to give husband's parents

When relations with the father-in-law and mother-in-law do not add up and it is difficult for you to find a common language, a good gift can serve as a reason for rapprochement. Your husband's parents will be pleasantly surprised and touched by your attention.

  • First, talk to your husband. Find out what his parents like, what they are fond of. Do not buy a gift on your own, without the advice of a loved one.
  • Don't give sets with shower gels, washcloths and shampoos, it will look tactless.
  • Don't spend too much money on a gift. If it looks royal compared to the parent's present, they will become embarrassed and this will serve as another reason for disagreement.
  • If you don’t have your own ideas and desire to choose a gift, use the classic examples: a bottle of good wine, a set of festive dishes, bed linen or a beautiful bathrobe.

What to give to people who have everything

Oddly enough, such people can be pleased with some little thing, such as a set of pretty colored boxes, sweets in an intricate jar, or small porcelain figurines.

  • Christmas sets of chocolates in elegant boxes will be a great gift. You can choose them in the "House of Chocolate" or in an expensive supermarket.
  • Beautiful and unusual Christmas decorations or handmade Christmas decorations will do.
  • Gift a star by naming it after someone you know. You will be given a certificate stating that the star is indeed named after your friend. The gift will include coordinates, a map with a name star and an astrological book, as well as a star chart and a diagram of the solar system.
  • A good option is to give a planter with a beautiful flower, complete with a book on caring for indoor plants. Perhaps your gift will be the start of a new hobby.

What to give the elderly

Choosing a gift for your beloved grandparents is quite difficult. They don't need decorations or weekend costumes, the festive service has been in the buffet for a long time, and there is a whole library of books. But for sure there are things that will be useful in everyday life or brighten up their everyday life.

  • An annual subscription to your favorite magazine or newspaper can be a great gift.
  • Buy tickets for a classical play or opera. You will give your loved ones new experiences, a sea of ​​emotions and great entertainment. If you have any doubts about the choice of repertoire, ask them for advice.
  • Organize a holiday trip to a restaurant. Today there are so many offers that everyone can choose an institution according to their pocket.
  • Various cosmetic companies now offer treatment lines for the care of aging skin of the 50+ series. You can easily find therapeutic and aromatic bath s alts, body massage oil or nourishing face cream in stores.

What to give children friends and relatives

  • If you are going to visit your friends, it is impossible to leave the little owners of the house without a gift. However, choosing a New Year's gift for someone else's child is not an easy task, especially if you do not have children of your own. The best thing to do would be to ask the child's parents for advice. Surely their baby ordered Santa Claus a whole list of gifts.
  • A cute sweater or a winter set (hat, scarf and mittens) will be a great solution. An extra pair of mittens or a warm sweater will always come in handy.
  • Little boys love collectible cars and dinosaur games, and girls usually dream of their first cosmetics and jewelry. For older kids, a cool slogan T-shirt might be a welcome gift.
  • For special kids, we advise you to come up with something more exciting. Give your child a month of horse riding lessons or a trip to an amusement park. You can also give a visit to the dolphinarium, where the child can swim with real dolphins.

What to give to lovers of aesthetics

Surely you came across people who only want to drive expensive cars, dine and dine in expensive restaurants and dress in famous boutiques. Sometimes they do not have enough money for their whims, but they are simply not capable of denying themselves pleasure. Finding a gift for such people is not so difficult. The main thing is to wrap it in a beautiful wrapper with an expensive logo. Believe me, for people of this kind it is not so important what is inside, the main thing is what is written on the label.

  • A cute keychain from some well-known jewelry brand, packaged in a beautiful branded box, is sure to make an impression, and it will not cost you that much.
  • An expensive edition of an encyclopedia or an album with beautiful photos will be a great gift.
  • If you have enough time left, you can order a piece of author's work in the workshop. It can be jewelry, and figurines made of stone or wood. You can choose the material, color and shape of the gift yourself. Just don't forget the pretty packaging.

What to give old friends and distant relatives

Once you communicated well and were almost best friends, but now she or you got married and there is not enough time for communication. You no longer know what she is fond of and what she might like. A gift to such a person should remind you of an old friendship and evoke pleasant feelings.

  • A gift for distant relatives should indicate that you have not forgotten about their existence and still remember their interests.
  • Gifts for an old friend can remind you of old times or places you've been together. For example, you had a favorite movie that you went to watch many times together, or you went on a trip where you had fun, so you remember this vacation with joy.
  • Whatever you choose, don't forget the holiday wrapping. Remember that it makes your gift more attractive and shows your respect for the addressee.

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