What to drink: An extra glass - in the sides?

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What to drink: An extra glass - in the sides?
What to drink: An extra glass - in the sides?

Choosing the contents of the New Year's wine glass… and counting the centimeters! Calorie Calculator

What to drink: An extra glass - in the sides?

Alcoholic drinks are very high in calories. They often lead to metabolic disorders, excess weight, overload the liver and kidneys. Our recommendations will help you, if not to refuse an extra glass, then at least choose the right contents

Important to know:

What to drink

Your body first of all processes the toxins received from alcohol, and what you mix it with (juice, soda) saves for later. Therefore, alcoholic cocktails are the most harmful, especially if they contain carbonated drinks and sweet liquors. And even if the cocktail is made on the basis of “light” soda, it cannot be called dietary, and you can easily gain several hundred kilocalories. This is followed by dessert wines and sweet or semi-sweet champagnes. And, of course, beer containing yeast. Artificial sweeteners are processed even faster. So the best choice is dry wine, brut champagne or pure (not mixed) strong alcohol (vodka, whiskey, cognac), of course, in moderation.

What is your norm

Women are advised to drink no more than two glasses of alcohol a week, men no more than four. A standard glass is 150-200 ml of dry wine or 50 ml of strong drink (cognac, vodka).

● However, you must have at least three days a week completely alcohol-free. Although few manage to adhere to such a norm.

● Many wines contain more than 13% alcohol and sugar - read the label carefully!

● As we age, the liver is at greater risk than when we are young, as it becomes more difficult for the body to cleanse itself of toxins. If you have to drink more during the holidays, support it with drugs that help restore liver tissue.

How does alcohol affect appearance?

Alcohol not only dries out your skin, but is also a common cause of insomnia. Bags under the eyes, a swollen face, swollen lips - this is the result of a sleepless night … We advise you to drink two glasses of water before you go to bed - so you wash away harmful substances, and do some exercise in the morning. This improves blood circulation and helps the body eliminate toxins.

According to research, one in three women aged 18-24 consumes alcohol in quantities that are dangerous to her he alth and the he alth of future children. One out of four women aged 25-44 exceeds the established norm. And one in two of the 18-45 group experienced a hangover.

Expert Opinion:

Dietitian, PhD Dilara Sosnovskaya

The calories you get from drinking alcohol are instantly absorbed as soon as they enter the body. Hence the state of euphoria and a surge of strength. This seems to speak in favor of alcohol, if not for one “but”: calories obtained from food cannot be processed simultaneously with alcohol, so a huge amount of extra calories are stored “for later”. The result is a beer belly, flabby arms, excess fat on the hips. So alcohol during a heavy dinner is in any case not a good idea for those who think about their figure. The recommended daily calorie intake for a woman is 1900-2150 kcal (numbers depend on your height and degree of activity). Excessive alcohol consumption significantly limits your rate. In addition to a “hit on the waist”, an extra dose of alcohol becomes an excessive burden on the kidneys, which have to excrete the decay products of alcoholic beverages in an enhanced mode.

Dangerous to he alth

Don't mix alcohol with energy drinks. They increase pressure, and their combination with alcohol can lead to the most unfortunate consequences - up to a heart attack. Do not buy ready-made cocktails in jars - you can only guess about their content, and you can certainly be sure that there are no whiskey, rum and gin in their composition.

Taking action

1. Drink plain water before, during and after drinking alcohol.

2. Avoid alcohol for at least four or five days before the holidays.

3. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

4. Avoid regular trips to the bar after work, it can lead to addiction.

5. Before drinking a second, ask yourself: Do I need this?

Can I increase the degree?

It is rather not about raising the degree, but about the fact that you do not need to mix alcohol of different groups. The common saying “Wine for beer is a miracle” is completely untrue. To break down each specific group, the body produces separate enzymes, and in order not to give it an additional load, it is better to drink alcohol within one group.

● Grape-containing: wine, cognac

● M alty: beer, whiskey

● Wheat: some beers, vodka

● Cane: tequila

If you have exceeded the allowable rate

While you sleep, the body intensively processes the alcohol received the night before. Therefore, by morning, the level of sugar, as a rule, decreases and there is a feeling of weakness. It is helpful to include in your breakfast foods that contain grains, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, which will repair the damage caused to your body by alcohol. We recommend drinking freshly squeezed carrot or orange juice, rosehip broth or herbal tea with lemon on an empty stomach. Drinking plenty of water and a hearty breakfast will help the body recover.

What should be the breakfast after the holiday

The classic breakfast option (bacon and eggs) will help prevent hypoglycemia (a sharp drop in blood sugar). Fatty foods, such as bacon or sausages, slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Eggs contain the substance cysteine, which promotes the removal of free radicals. Salads made from fresh vegetables, especially from tomatoes and sweet peppers, help the body replenish the content of vitamins and minerals. Oatmeal or muesli is rich in B vitamins you need in this difficult hour.

There are no "diet" and non-calorie alcoholic drinks! To think that rum, tequila or vodka with soda-"light" does not threaten you with extra calories is a deep delusion. Smoothies are easy to drink and digest quickly thanks to the nutritional supplements, but the consequences of this pleasure are “bags” under the eyes and excess weight.

When it comes to serious alcohol intoxication

Only a blood transfusion can quickly relieve withdrawal symptoms, but this is a radical and expensive method that is required in emergency cases.

The only 100% hangover cure is time. However, some of its symptoms can be relieved. In order to remove toxins from the body, it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids, as with ordinary poisoning. You can drink s alted water so that the liquid lingers in the body, cucumber or cabbage pickle in small portions. And no marinades. Vinegar is redundant here. Well helps alkaline mineral water (s alty in taste). If it is not there, then dried fruit compote, lingonberry, cranberry or blackcurrant juice and tea with lemon. You can add honey to sour drinks. Coffee, as well as strong tea, are harmful in such situations, as they stimulate an already oppressed nervous system. In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect, it accelerates fluid loss, increasing the state of dehydration in the body.

Be sure to eat, even if there is no appetite. Chicken or beef broth, cabbage soup, scrambled eggs, meat. There is a good recipe for an anti-hangover salad: finely chopped boiled lamb, mixed with finely chopped pickles, add garlic and herbs. To taste, you can add boiled potatoes, chopped into small cubes. Mix all the ingredients and pour cucumber pickle or freshly prepared kvass. Serve chilled.

A slightly warm bath and / or contrast shower will also help relieve discomfort. In the morning after breakfast, you can take a double daily dose of multivitamins, an aspirin tablet.

And it is very important to sleep as much as possible. If you can't fall asleep, take a sedative, preferably natural (valerian, lemon balm, mint).

How dangerous is a hangover?

We have already mentioned the lowering of blood sugar levels. In addition, there is a risk of cardiac dysfunction. Sudden sudden interruptions can develop into acute heart failure. In medicine, there is even a term - "holiday heart syndrome." Therefore, people with heart disease should be careful during the holidays.

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