Have you chosen a dress for the New Year? We are yes

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Have you chosen a dress for the New Year? We are yes
Have you chosen a dress for the New Year? We are yes

The employees of the Domashniy Ochag editorial staff chose their New Year's dresses taking into account the figures.

Have you chosen a dress for the New Year? We are yes!

Which of us, on the eve of the New Year's celebration, did not ask the question: what to wear? The editorial staff of Domashniy Ochag magazine chose evening dresses tailored to their figures

1. Make yourself a list of different women's things. Do you have new tights? How about bright jewelry and a new lipstick? Do not leave the purchase of these little things for later, be sure that you have everything ready.

2. Jewelry is very important for creating the whole image. The most fashionable are silver jewelry. Match them with stones to match the color of the eyes - it will turn out very impressive and a little romantic.

3. Black color is slimming, but if you have white skin, it is better to refuse it!

4. Most importantly, never buy clothes that are a size smaller or larger than yours. In such things, you will surely feel uncomfortable and constrained.

5. The most comfortable dress length is just below the knees. The hem is not too long - you will not step on it, but not too short - the dress will not pull up at the most inopportune moment.

6. For a sense of self-confidence, the right underwear is very important. It should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. On such a solemn occasion, you can also purchase a new set.

7. There will be many parties during the New Year holidays. It is impossible to buy so many evening dresses. Almost everyone has a smart, simple black dress that should be complemented with bright embellishments, or an embroidered top that can be worn even with jeans by adding a fur cape.

8. Be sure to dress feminine for the New Year's party!

9. Correctly evaluate yourself in order to hide all the flaws and emphasize the merits. For example, cover full legs with a long dress, sagging arms - with a blouse with long, you can even slightly transparent sleeves.

10. Consider a cape option. It can be a lace bolero or a fur stole, but always in the same style as the outfit.

11. The choice of handbag is very important. It should not only match the dress and shoes, but also contain everything you need, while remaining evening in style.

12. Be sure to inquire about the nature of the party to which you are invited. After all, there is nothing more embarrassing than being in a luxurious ball gown among girls dressed in T-shirts and jeans.

13. Many evening dresses traditionally have a deep neckline, so you need to consider which bra will fit it. Be sure to try it on beforehand to make sure that the straps of the bra are not visible.

14. Can't spend too much money on your outfit? There is always a way! Colored shoes will make a black suit elegant. And don't forget the flashy jewelry.

15. Remember, not only the outfit should be festive, but also the mood!

16. Consider outerwear. What to wear over an evening dress?

17. Determine what shades suit you, it is important to consider the color of the eyes, hair and skin.

18. Remember the power of color. Red is uplifting, yellow has a special energy, and purple will make you pay attention.

19. Be sure to wear high heels! If the evening will be dancing, choose a not very high stable heel.

20. If you find it difficult to choose a dress, give preference to an equally elegant set of a silk tunic and light black trousers, which also perfectly hides almost all figure flaws.

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