Wedding School: getting ready for the wedding

Wedding School: getting ready for the wedding
Wedding School: getting ready for the wedding

How to choose a dress, rings, where to spend your honeymoon

Wedding school: getting ready for the wedding

If you are already planning your wedding, then you probably have a lot of questions about organizing it. On December 13, the next lesson of the Wedding School will be held at the B altschug Hotel

How to distribute the budget, how to choose a dress, where are the best wedding venues, where to fly on your honeymoon? For all those who have already entered this beautiful preparatory period, Wedding magazine has organized a Wedding School.

For lectures and master classes, the school invites the best experts in the wedding industry: florists, jewelers, decorators, stylists, wedding planners, who will reveal a lot of their professional secrets.

Wedding School helps brides and grooms organize the best wedding in the world!

Event program:

- "Wedding in Kuskovo". Presentation of the Directorate for the preparation and holding of mass events in Moscow (ballet performance, folklore show, florist performance)

- "Advice from a stylist". Stylist, popular host of the Domashny TV channel Vlad Lisovets speaks

- “How to choose the main piece of jewelry”. A master class from a jewelry company that will help answer the questions “Fashion trends in jewelry”, “How to distinguish a Diamond from a fake” and more

- "Wedding dance". It's real to learn the dance in one class! Master class from a network of dance clubs.

To participate in the event, send a request to [email protected] (be sure to include your phone number) or call (495) 506 40 13

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