Single women over 40 are mentally he althier

Single women over 40 are mentally he althier
Single women over 40 are mentally he althier

No family? It means there is something mentally wrong. This is how most people think. And completely in vain!

Single women over 40 are mentally he althier

She is over forty and has no family? So something is wrong with the psyche, as most people argue. And completely wrong

Science has proven that single people live, on average, less than married people. They get more sick. But does this mean that singles have some mental problems? No!

Psychology professor Jameela Bukwala of Lafayette College, Pennsylvania, conducted a study on the mental state of perpetual bachelors and spinsters. In her field of vision were people over 40 who had never married or married in their lives. Of course, this was about representatives of a traditional orientation, since gay marriages, although not registered, often provide a person with exactly the same inner feeling of a family.

Most of us believe that people who have not created a family suffer from some kind of complexes, self-doubt, etc. But everything turned out to be just the opposite. It turned out that singles have no psychological problems.

"If you look at unmarried and unmarried people who are endowed with a domineering nature, you will see that they prefer to spend their lives "in the driver's seat", completely in control of themselves, says Professor Bukwala. - If you look at loners who are quite independent, you will see that they know how to take care of themselves. Moreover, on an emotional level, they are much more balanced and happy people than those who have families.”

It turns out that a high degree of self-sufficiency in character is generally harmful to family people, as scientists have established. “If you want your marriage to work, then you need to be at least somewhat dependent on your soul mate,” says Bukvala. “Perhaps this explains why some people never get married or get married.”

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