Legs "tell" everything about a person

Legs "tell" everything about a person
Legs "tell" everything about a person

The attitude of the interlocutor towards you can be easily determined by the manner in which he moves his legs

Legs "tell" everything about a person

We believe that we can see through anyone by their gestures and eyes, but the British psychologist Joffrey Beatty recommends paying attention to the legs first of all

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So, if a woman moves her leg towards a man who is trying to woo her, it means that he is on the right track - the lady likes this man. But if she, sitting in a chair, crosses her legs or tucks them under herself, then nothing shines for her admirer. Pay attention to how your legs are positioned in the presence of certain men.

Your interlocutor's legs do not move - he is telling you a lie.

The man barely audibly taps his sole on the floor, which means that he is nervous.

But if a lady starts tapping her heel on the floor while talking to a man, it means that she is very tense and tries to get rid of negative energy with her legs.

"When we're told a lie, we almost always misinterpret body signals," says Beatty. - We try to look into the eyes to cause embarrassment of the liar. But confident people will lie to us with the most honest expression on their faces. However, when we tell a lie, we psychologically suppress ourselves. And this is best expressed in movement. When the legs stop moving, the process of suppression takes place. But when a man is nervous, he starts pounding his feet on the floor. Traditionally, this is perceived as a sign of carelessness and calmness. It's just the opposite.”

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