New Year topsy-turvy or Forward to the past

New Year topsy-turvy or Forward to the past
New Year topsy-turvy or Forward to the past

The premiere of a new musical performance based on the works of the poet Yuri Entin will take place this winter at the Music Hall.

Topsy-turvy New Year or Forward to the past!

In late December and early January, take your children to the Music Hall for the premiere of the musical "New Year's Topsy-turvy or Forward into the Past!"

Little viewers, together with the actors of the new musical, will be able to bring back their favorite characters from fairy tales "The Wolf and the Seven Kids", "The Flying Ship", "The Bremen Town Musicians" and others - to the past and change the ending of your favorite fairy tales!

Antoshka, who does not want to dig potatoes and read books, but wants to immediately become an adult and strong, will get into the Future and become a Robber from the high road, and Atamansha with her accomplices with the help of the Great World Wide Web - the Internet, will rewrite all the fairy tales the world for your convenience and will become a famous show host, because the children have completely lost interest in literature! This is where the robot of the future Elik, Alice and Santa Claus will come to the rescue, who will go to the Past to correct this unfortunate misunderstanding.

With friends from the Future, the heroes of the most famous fairy tales, the actors of the musical and the audience in the New Year will be able to return happy endings to their fairy tales! Favorite songs from fairy tales, poems by Yuri Entin, combined with funny dialogues of the main characters, modern and fashionable musical arrangements, colorful costumes and interesting choreography will make this performance completely unforgettable for both children and parents.

Official site of the festival:

Dates: December 25-31, January 2-7, 2009.

Location: State Music Hall

Within the framework of the international Open festival-competition of children's and youth creativity "FAR BEAUTIFUL" - 2009

The premiere is presented by The creative center of the poet Yuri Entin and the Advertising Industry agency with the support of the Government of Moscow.

The festival-competition supports creative talents in the genre of children's song, dance, artistic word, composition of a song, music, creation of an artistic drawing or folk art

Information support: "Household".

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