Girls are supplied with pills

Girls are supplied with pills
Girls are supplied with pills

British teenagers are given contraceptives without a prescription. Authorities want to stop the surge in teen pregnancy.

Girls are provided with pills

British teenage girls are given contraceptive pills without any prescription and in any quantity. Authorities want to curb the surge in teen pregnancy

This one is quite opposite

Girls receive any number of contraceptives after just one short conversation with a qualified pharmacist who explains exactly how to use the drugs. Curiously, hangover pills also began to be widely distributed among teenagers in the UK some time ago.

However, experts believe that the British government will not be able to fulfill its promise to reduce the number of teen pregnancies by 50% by 2010. In addition, the plan has many opponents. They believe that this thoughtless distribution of pills will make teenage sex even more popular. And eventually, it will end with a new surge in the number of pregnant girls.

There are concerns about the impact of large doses of contraceptives on young organisms. Experts warn that this could lead to an increase in cancer cases, as well as the formation of blood clots, which is fraught with strokes and heart attacks.

In England in 2007, 42 out of every 1,000 girls under the age of 18 became pregnant. Half of the cases ended in abortions.

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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