Reader of Domashniy Ochag became a model

Fashion 2023
Reader of Domashniy Ochag became a model
Reader of Domashniy Ochag became a model

Natalia sent us her photo and became a model for the fashion shoot of the magazine

Reader of "Domashniy Ochag" became a model

Our reader Natalia became the model for the December issue of Domashniy Ochag magazine. She took part in a professional fashion session for the ABC of Style column.

You can see the photo shoot with Natalia on pages 88−91 of the December issue of "DO" or on our website in the "Beauty and Fashion" section by clicking on this link.

Natalia sent us a questionnaire to participate in the competition. You can see her here. She was dissatisfied with the "broadness" of the shoulders and the inability to wear square and boat necklines. As you can see in the photo, Natalia was dressed in sequins, in a “film star of the 50s” and in a silver skirt - she is unique in every look. We congratulate Natalia on her victory and continue to choose a model for the next issue of the magazine!

How to become a Home Hearth model?

Domashniy Ochag continues the "Become a DO Model" contest!

In order to take part in our professional fashion shooting and get on the pages of the magazine, fill out the form on the site, upload your photo and write to us about yourself, about your figure, about what difficulties you experience when choosing clothes.

You will have a chance not only to take part in a photo shoot and get on the pages of the magazine, but also to find your own style! Write, send photos, we are waiting!

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