CONTEST! Children write to Santa Claus

CONTEST! Children write to Santa Claus
CONTEST! Children write to Santa Claus

Some ask for a computer, others - to end the crisis. What is your child asking for?

COMPETITION! Children write to Santa Claus

"Domashniy Ochag" announces a contest for the best letter to Santa Claus! What does your child ask Santa Claus? Send us a story and / or a photo of a letter, a drawing, tell us what your baby expects from Santa Claus this year, and we will publish the story on the site

In Veliky Ustyug, New Year's mail has been working without rest for 11 years. Letters to Santa Claus come throughout the year, and especially a large flow of letters - starting in October. In total, since the opening of Father Frost's post office in Russia, he has received 1 million 700 thousand letters, and every day Father Frost opens new envelopes.

By the way, Veliky Ustyug Father Frost himself was in Moscow just yesterday and gave a press conference.

- At the end of November I was asked in Moscow: “When will winter be?” So I brought you cold from Yakutsk! - Grandfather explained the cold snap in the capital right off the bat.

What do they ask Santa Claus for?

Interesting statistics. This year Santa Claus has already received 22000 letters. Children and adults write to Santa Claus. Men mainly ask for a profitable business and a new car, women - enviable suitors! Children keep asking for computers. There are also unexpected requests. Some adults are asking for their bosses to be frozen. Not a single letter remained unanswered.

Trend. How are requests changing?

In 2004, many children asked for a mobile phone and jeans. In 2007 - for Vladimir Putin to remain for a second term. In 2009 - no, no, yes, and there is a letter asking that the crisis end as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Santa Claus tour continues! He has already visited Kostroma, Ulyanovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Moscow, and does not intend to stop. He is expected in Arkhangelsk, Togliatti, Salekhard, on December 28 he will be in Korolev, and the tour will end on December 30 in St. Petersburg, where Santa Claus will light the main city Christmas tree.

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