Student's budget: Rent for the New Year

Student's budget: Rent for the New Year
Student's budget: Rent for the New Year

How much are you willing to spend on New Year's contributions and where does this money go

Student's budget: Rent for the New Year!

How much are you willing to spend on New Year's contributions and where does this money go?

A discussion is developing on the site about how much money parents are willing to spend on New Year's school fees. The amount collected from mothers and fathers of students in different schools for a New Year's event and gifts ranges from 200 rubles to 2000 or more. Class teachers shrug their shoulders, they say, how not to pass, this is for your own children? Meanwhile, not all parents agree with the policy of school "extortions". Some believe that the school forces them to chip in constantly and on everything.

Our reader Rozalia Abrarova, a class teacher at a gymnasium in Naberezhnye Chelny, for example, says this:

“We plan the expenses for children at the beginning of the year, together with the parents. The budget is a very serious component of everything, and there are events in which participation is simply impossible without large investments. These are, for example, international "cups" for which you need to fly to another country, these are trips with excursions to St. Petersburg for schoolchildren, and other events. Together with our parents, we decide what our children will do, what performance they will go to, in what place and how their New Year's holiday will be held, what will be on the table, what the program will be. We agree on all expenses at the meeting before, and do not issue any invoices after the fact. Another thing is that some parents cannot, for objective reasons, hand over a large amount. We have a girl in our class who is raised by her mother alone, they are in a difficult financial situation. No one is obliged to help her, it's true, but the parents of other children simply cannot humanly leave this girl without a holiday, and we are chipping in on her too.”

This is the opinion of teachers. And according to a survey that does not pretend to be scientific, they all say about the same thing, they say, we are not forcing anyone, this is all for children, and if someone cannot, we try to help. So does Lyudmila Dobychina,an elementary school teacher from St. Petersburg. She expressed her opinion in the discussion of the post of our London blogger Polina Kozlovskaya, in whose blog, in fact, the discussion began.


And in London, and in Moscow, and in other cities, money for the New Year is collected in schools. But in different places this happens in different ways and causes a mixed reaction.

Irina Smirnova,member of our media group, told us that she donates 2,000 rubles per child to school, and this is mandatory. “I don’t feel good about gatherings,” she says. - Because this money then buys all sorts of nonsense - "gifts for children" that are not needed and gather dust. But she never refused to donate, because everyone rents, such a tradition and most parents at meetings are in favor of collecting money.”

Has nothing against school fees policy Tatiana Kolobova,editor of Domashniy Ochag magazine. It should be noted, however, that at the school where her children study, the amount of collection did not exceed 500 rubles. “We handed over 500 rubles each, of which 300 for a gift to a child, 200 for a teacher, voluntarily. There are parents for whom this price is high. They then rent only for the child, and those who can - rent a little more. We have a friendly parent team, - says Tatyana, - so there are no conflicts on money grounds. Everyone understands everything. For disadvantaged children (there are two of them in the class), they always paid extra, took them on paid excursions without money.”


Our other reader asked not to use her last name. We publish her story in full.

“In 2005, I donated 5,000 rubles to school since September. to class. Despite the fact that the school has been ripping off a lot of money from parents for 5 years, the classroom was simply empty - no didactic materials, no manuals, no working TV, DVD, computer - everything was bought anew. Plus gifts for the teacher, gifts for schoolchildren for the New Year. Basically everyone pays - with the exception of two or three people. But even this is not enough, we still have to donate 1000 rubles to the school-wide "common fund". per month, since we have a fund that finances various activities at the school.

The most interesting thing is that, for example, from this fund 16,000 rubles each. goes monthly to pay the accountant and auditor of this fund, 200,000 rubles. - so much is the hygiene of schoolchildren per year (toilet paper and soap). We pay extra for cleaning the class, renting 250 rubles each. "from the nose" per month. It turns out that washing desks and shelves in cabinets, as well as parts of the school corridor, is 5,000 rubles. per class per month. 120 000 rub. from this fund went - as they say - to the repair of the school swimming pool, in which not only our schoolchildren are engaged, but also paid aqua aerobics groups and paid swimming groups (and where does the lesson fee go if we also have to repair the pool for them ?). All excursions, theaters, we pay extra! The school has about 1,700 students,” she writes.

We wanted to discuss the situation with the Principal of the 2005 school so that the review of opinions was complete and the picture looked objective, but the secretary did not connect us, citing the principal's busyness and promising to connect us later. We never received a call.


1. Participate in parent meetings

2. Discuss the budget for the holiday for the student with your husband in advance, plan these expenses

3. Optimize: suggest places to celebrate, choose gifts for kids and teacher together

4. Consider the income level of your child's classmates' parents

5. Agree on the check reporting of the parent committee and the class teacher.

Dear readers!

Do you have school age children?

How much do you spend and consider it necessary to spend on New Year's fees at schools?

Which of the characters who commented on the article do you agree with?

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