Men can cheat but women can't?

Men can cheat but women can't?
Men can cheat but women can't?

An article about why men in Egypt can cheat on their wives caused a scandal at the parliament level.

Men can cheat, but women can't?

An article about female polygamy caused such a scandal in Egypt that the matter has already reached the parliament

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The article was published in the newspaper Al Masry Al Youm, its author was a journalist from Saudi Arabia Nadine al-Bedair. The article has already been strongly condemned by some religious figures, calling it offensive and un-Islamic. But there is another point of view that the material highlights the burning issues of the bad attitude of some husbands towards their wives.

It is clear that Nadine al-Bedair wanted to create a scandal with her article, and she did. The journalist suggested that polygamy should either be allowed for both men and women, or not allowed for anyone. That is, a man should not be allowed to take a second, third and fourth wife just because he was bored with the first wife.

According to the laws of Islam, a husband can have four wives if he is able to provide them with equal treatment and care. But in practice, the so-called "first" wives get bored with their husbands over the years, and they take on new spouses only to restore the sharpness of sexual sensations.


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