Flower bed on the window

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Flower bed on the window
Flower bed on the window

Creating flower beds at home! How to plant: together or separately? Pros and cons, as well as 4 rules of the "bed"

Flower bed on the window

Compare how we decorate windows with flowers outside and inside? It would never occur to anyone to plant a single flower in a flower shop outside the window. But single pots on the windowsill are a common thing. And in vain, because a beautiful flower arrangement on your window can brighten up any room

The kitchen window is the perfect place to grow herbs. Plant basil, thyme, chives, parsley, mint, sage, marjoram, oregano in an oblong pot. If it seems to you that this composition looks too monotonous in color, dilute the green with yellow by planting a calendula bush along with herbs.

1. Choose the right pot for your flower arrangement. On sale are mainly flower girls made of white or brown plastic. But they are not suitable for every interior. For a country-style room, choose wooden or wicker boxes, while a stainless steel flower box will look good in a modern interior. Ideally, it should occupy the entire window sill, because. a small container on a large windowsill looks bad.

2. What plants can live together. The next very important step is the choice of plants for your flower bed. They should have approximately the same requirements for growth conditions: this applies primarily to the need for water, soil and light. Therefore, ferns will not be able to get along with succulents, and cacti with alpine violet - they are too different.

3. How to arrange the flowers in the composition. First of all, decide what kind of flowers you like in the house. You can plant several copies of the same plant, for example 6-7 bulbs in a row. Despite the simplicity of the composition, they can decorate even the most sophisticated interior. But a flower girl with plants of different heights and decor will look much richer and more interesting. For a large capacity, 1-2 tall flowers with beautiful decorative foliage are suitable, they form the frame of the composition. The second tier is formed by several plants (3-4) of medium height, and the finished look will be given to the composition by 2 ampelous plants that will cover the edges of the flower girl. However, do not plant it too closely. Let the plants show themselves in all their glory. The composition will look elegant if it has one flowering plant (plant it in the center) or two variegated ones.

Pros and cons of a flower girl + Plants in a flower girl take up less space than each in a separate pot. The plants in the composition are always well-groomed. + They are easier to care for. Plants in a flower bed require less watering than those in individual pots. - But in close quarters, the risk of plant infection by pests and viral diseases increases. - Tall plants can shade low ones. Therefore, you need to regularly pinch and thin out the plants so that they do not interfere with each other.

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