Social media is dangerous for marriage?

Social media is dangerous for marriage?
Social media is dangerous for marriage?

One in five divorces in the UK is attributable to Facebook.

Is Social Media Dangerous for Marriage?

Someone social sites help to find a partner, and someone destroys the family

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Indeed, not every family person will dare to register a profile on a dating site. If a partner discovers such a profile, then a scandal (and, perhaps, a divorce) cannot be avoided. The page on the social site does not cause any complaints.

In recent years, Odnoklassniki and their numerous foreign counterparts have turned into one big dating service. The other day, an authoritative British firm announced that every fifth (!) divorce in the country is due to the fault of the Facebook site, through which a husband or wife found a partner. Wives often look at their husbands' pages, see many pretty strangers in their "friends" and begin to suspect something bad.

Further - a matter of technology. It is enough to create some kind of fake profile of Sveta Stepanova or Masha Evdokimova, they will knock on her husband and check how strong his family foundations are. However, in fairness it should be said that deceived husbands also often verify the existence of adultery of their wives thanks to social sites.

Unfortunately, the exact statistics that determine the “harmfulness” of Russian sites for family life have not yet been announced.

Source:News Yahoo

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