What is the secret of good luck?

What is the secret of good luck?
What is the secret of good luck?

Tells Joe Vitale - one of the participants in the sensational film "The Secret"

What is the secret of good luck?

Joe Vitale is one of the participants in the acclaimed film "The Secret" and the author of several books on self-improvement. They all talk about one of the main laws of life - the law of attraction - and explain how to learn how to apply it to get what you want

Home Hearth: Tell for those who don't know what the main idea of ​​the film "The Secret" is.

Joe Vitale: The Secret is a film about the Law of Attraction. Its main idea is that a person attracts into his life everything that he thinks about. And many of us are not even aware of what they are thinking about most of the time. And even more so, they do not realize that you can change the course of your thoughts and thus change your life! My book "The Key" continues the idea of ​​the film "The Secret", more fully tells how the law of attraction works.

BEFORE: When did you realize you could change something with your mind?

DV: In the 70s, I lived in Dallas, Texas, and had no home and no job. I then often went to the city library and read a lot, because it was free. I began to come across books that said: change your way of thinking, and you can change your life. I decided to try. Of course, the changes did not happen overnight, but it was then, in Dallas, that I suddenly believed that I could find a job, that I could become a successful writer. And I began to act. I began to read everything I could find on this topic, began to do everything that the authors advised. Gradually I found a job and started writing my own book.

BEFORE: Where does the law of attraction start to work?

DV: The first thing to do is to state your desires. What do you want now? In other words, clearly define how you would like to see your life. Imagine that everything in the world is possible. What would you like in that case? This is where the process of attraction begins. Because as soon as you identify your desires, you will begin to think about what you can do to achieve what you want. It is then that the Universe itself will begin to help you in the implementation of your plan. Your wishes will come true! But in order to start this process, you must know what you want.

BEFORE: How long does it take for wishes to come true?

DV: Everyone is asking about it! And I am often asked the question: how can I speed up the process? And this is what I always answer: the best way to speed up the process is to be grateful for what you have. Many people are dissatisfied with life, complain about one thing, then another, they only talk about what they would like to change. But, if you gratefully accept what you already have, the process of attraction will go easier and faster. Be grateful and don't be afraid of what will happen tomorrow. Then your wishes will come true very quickly.

BEFORE: It's hardly possible not to worry about the future at all.

DV: This is a mistake! The law of attraction works not only for positive thoughts, but also for negative ones. If you are afraid of what might happen, you will attract what you are afraid of! Focus on the good times in the present and what you want from the future. Don't think bad. Try to perceive any event as good news, and not as bad.

BEFORE: Imagine: a woman has two children and she stays at home with them, and her husband was fired from his job. Could this be good news?

DV: Of course, it is very difficult. But, if you think about it, such a situation can become a source of new opportunities, the beginning of the next period in life. If you think like this: “The husband was fired, how are we going to live now?” - you are afraid of the future. And fear attracts more and more unpleasant events. But, if you think that now he will be able to find a new job (more interesting or more money), this is a completely different matter. In any situation, you can see not a problem, but an opportunity. Try to make a list of why this event is good for you. In our example, the arguments can be as follows. First, a fired husband can start his own business and work for himself. Secondly, he may never have liked the old job. Thirdly, while he is looking for a new job, he will be able to spend more time with his family. That is, it turns out that you have reached a new level!

BEFORE: Let's say we realize this. What to do next?

DV: And then you need to do what we started the conversation with: determine what you want from life. Do you want financial stability? Do you want to find an interesting job? Do you want to have a job that leaves enough time for your family? Focus on it. The next step is to think about what you can do. And start acting, then the Universe will begin to help you.

BEFORE: How do you know the Universe is really helping?

DW: I call it the red flag theory. The universe will give you signals, including red, yellow and green flags. A red flag indicates that you are moving in the wrong direction. For example, you were fired from your job, you want to get a job in another company, but there are no positions there. But other companies may well be the right place for you. You don't have to focus on just one option. Do you want a job? You will receive it, but maybe not where you originally expected. A green flag is a sign that you are moving in the right direction. For example, you thought that you want to work in a company, and suddenly you receive information from your acquaintances that employees are required there. The yellow flag is a warning. You are going to an interview, and on the way you get into a terrible traffic jam and are late. So, it is worth considering: do you need to attend this meeting? If you want to learn how to attract what you need into your life, start simple. For example, in the movie The Secret, there is a plot about how to attract free space in a parking lot: imagine as vividly as possible that you are driving up to the right building, and there is a convenient free space in front of it. Do not doubt it, do not even allow the thought that you will not succeed. And this place will be waiting for you!

BEFORE: How exactly will the Universe help?

DV: The fact is that the Universe is a single organism, at the energy level we are all connected. And if you clearly know what you want, then everything in this world will begin to move and a convenient place will appear for you. A free parking space is a step in learning to attract whatever you want. On the one hand, it's easy. On the other hand, if you fail, you will not be upset, because a parking space is nonsense. But, if everything goes right, you will realize that you are capable of more. Over time, you will be able to switch to attracting a nice car, a big house, harmonious relationships.

TO: Do you always find a free parking space?

DV: I don't even think about it. I'm interested in more important things.

BEFORE: Of course the universe is beautiful. But isn't it natural that you just don't like some of its elements?

DV: I guess it comes naturally. But do you know what is the most important lesson we need to learn? You have to learn to love everything in this life. You may even love your mother-in-law as much as you love your husband or your children. When you love, you can attract whatever you want. I do not mean that you will be able to attract another mother-in-law who will be better than the previous one. Love the one you have and the universe will bring you many pleasant surprises.

BEFORE: It's very easy to say: love someone. How to do it?

DV: There is also a special technique for this. When you don't like someone, you consciously or unconsciously pay attention to their negative qualities. So, in order to love someone, you need to switch to his virtues. Every person has positive qualities, focus on them. Surely there are people who love your annoying neighbor or your eternally dissatisfied mother-in-law. Maybe the neighbor has a good sense of humor? Or perseverance? Or is she a good cook? When you find at least five or six virtues in a person, you will understand that he is not so bad.

BEFORE: And what about the shortcomings?

DV: Forget them. When you are kind to others, your own life changes. You become happy and he althy, and others begin to treat you differently. Of course, if a person is extremely negative, the most reasonable thing is to stay away from him. And if this is not possible, then I will advise the same thing as with the annoying neighbor: find its positive aspects. Try to strike up a friendly conversation. Ask about plans for the weekend, about children, about parents. Let me feel your positive attitude.

BEFORE: What about naughty kids?

DV: Children react to your condition. The happier and calmer you feel, the better your children will feel, because you radiate positive energy. Children immediately calm down as soon as parents calm down. If you are on edge, the children feel it and get nervous too. Imagine that you are content, calm, happy - the more often you do this, the calmer the children. Remember that in any situation you can find positives.

BEFORE: If you are faced with the death of someone close, how can you find pluses here?

DV: Of course, they cannot be found in death. The only comforting thought is that we do not know why we come into this world and why we leave. There is a higher meaning in all this, which we cannot comprehend. Who knows what would have happened to this man tomorrow? Perhaps he would have suffered greatly or been unhappy? Of course, we will worry about the fact that someone is gone. But, perhaps, for the deceased, this was the best way out. I know what I'm talking about: my wife and I were married for 27 years, and then she died. It was very difficult for me at that moment, and the only thing that helped me was faith in a higher meaning. The universe is much stronger, smarter than me. And I rely on her wisdom.

BEFORE: Can you improve your he alth with your method?

DV: Of course. In general, I think that we have no restrictions. We are limited only by ideas about the possible and the impossible. Surely you have heard of people who recovered when doctors recognized the case as hopeless? This was because they did not give up. I am dating a woman who was diagnosed with a precancerous condition a year ago. All year she worked on herself and her thoughts. Now she is he althy. I'm sure anyone can do it. You just need to concentrate.

BEFORE: Most of the time we are in such a hurry that it is very difficult to concentrate … Many do not have enough time for anything.

DV: We all have time, we just need to find it. Many years ago, when I was writing my first book, I started getting up an hour earlier, and at lunchtime, when my colleagues went to cafes, I stayed in the office and wrote. So I wrote the book while everyone around was lamenting, "Ah, I don't have a minute of free time." After you have decided on your desires, you need to remind yourself of what you are striving for. Indeed, in the hustle and bustle it is very easy to forget about the important. Write your wish on a piece of paper and put it in your bag or wallet. And then every time you touch this piece of paper, you will remember your dream.

BEFORE: Some say I don't know what I want, that's the problem!

DV: These people are not telling the truth. You always know what you want. You're just afraid to admit it. Because once you admit to yourself what you want, you have to take responsibility and do something about it. You are afraid that your idea will not come true, or you are afraid that it will come true, and then you will have to change your life. But the point is, failure is not the end. Let something not work out the first time, what's so terrible about that? I've met people who lost everything and started over.

BEFORE: People in Russia believe that cars, houses and money bring real joy to people.

DW: To a certain extent, I agree with that. No need to concentrate on a new car or money, think about happiness, he alth, harmony, and loved ones. Our goal is to be happy, and may you have everything you need for this. But if you can also attract good parking spaces or new cars, is that a bad thing?

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