We have a letter! Your ideas

We have a letter! Your ideas
We have a letter! Your ideas

What can replace pumpkin in soup? How to celebrate the New Year in the forest? We draw inspiration from your letters!

We have a letter! Your ideas

Good idea for the new year

Last winter, I sadly realized that for the past few years we have been celebrating the New Year somehow monotonously. And the idea arose to celebrate in the forest! We celebrated together with my brother's family: four adults and three children. Until 23.00, we completed all the New Year's rituals: festive outfits, a beautiful and tasty table, gifts, etc. We changed clothes and went into the forest. We took with us a thermos with tea, champagne, sandwiches, sweets, a camera and a tripod, sparklers and - most importantly - candles. Ordinary candles were wrapped with wire and made a long loop to hang on tree branches. Many people have a childhood dream - to hang a candle on the Christmas tree. But we were all taught that this is dangerous: a fire can happen. We tried to comply with all security measures. The most important thing here is to make sure that the fire does not set the twigs on fire, so long wires are needed. The camera was set up on a tripod. The children were delighted, they jumped, rolled in the snow and fooled around. An alarm clock was set on the cell phone in advance. The whole walk along with the road took us an hour and a half. Was great! Maybe this option will work for you when everything else gets boring.

Natalia, a letter from the site: www.goodhouse.ru

Letter of the month

Spring soup in the middle of winter

For several years I have been going to talk about how, with your help, I became a culinary genius. For the first time, your magazine came into my hands in 1999 in a wonderful house, which for me was a symbol of home comfort and a happy family life.

I remember very well how I am lying in this very house in the bath, in clubs of deliciously smelling foam, reading “The Hearth” with Chulpan Khamatova on the cover and at the same time I feel an impossibly pleasant feeling that life is a success. Then we had a lot of things with you. So, for example, after subscribing to a magazine a couple of years later, by a lucky chance I became the owner of a blender, which still serves me faithfully. Actually, the story will be just about him.

Once, about eight years ago, in the next issue of a magazine, I saw the recipe for "Autumn Soup". The picture that came with it was impossibly good. I really wanted to cook it - to such an extent that the absence of almost all the ingredients could not stop me.

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. The main product for the soup was pumpkin. There was no pumpkin in the house, and I boldly replaced it with potatoes. Cheese (which was also not there) was simply excluded, instead of cilantro I took dill and so on. Finally, the crown of my work was the replacement of thyme with … what do you think? In a burst of culinary inspiration (you know, there are times when you know that you will succeed, no matter how stupid you do), I replaced thyme with cumin. Just based on consonance. And the resulting soup, as suggested in the recipe, was mashed with the already mentioned blender.

It turned out something impossibly tasty. The not-husband who came home from work ate half the pot and demanded more. My mother, not prone to enthusiastic outpourings, told me for a long time that I was a genius, and demanded that I write off the recipe. Even dad, who basically doesn’t eat garlic, could eat “my” soup by the liter. This soup glorified me wherever we lived (over the years we managed to live in different countries), I never forgot to note that it was invented thanks to your magazine. A tired husband (now quite official), returning from work, cheers up before his eyes when he smells his incomparable aroma from the entrance … In honor of the progenitor recipe, I called my soup “Spring” - unlike the original source, it is more cheerful spring coloring. I bring the recipe and give it to you! In fact, if it weren't for you, it wouldn't exist.

Spring soup

  • 1 large onion, 5 potatoes
  • a few pieces of ham, brisket, loin or other smoked meats (sausages will also go)
  • 2 garlic cloves, s alt
  • a few sprigs of dill and green onions
  • cumin seeds, sprinkle generously (1-2 tbsp)

Chop all the ingredients, put in a saucepan with plums. oil and simmer in a small amount of water under the lid. Dilute with boiling water to a thick soup and bring to readiness. Grind in a blender.

Ksenia, Moscow

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