Beauty calendar for the year

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Beauty calendar for the year
Beauty calendar for the year

Have you been wanting to take care of yourself for a long time, but don't know where to start? Make a beauty schedule for the whole year!

beauty calendar for a year

Have you been wanting to take care of yourself for a long time, but don't know where to start? Make a beauty schedule for the whole year! When choosing procedures, be guided not only by age and individual characteristics, but also by the season.


Detox Month

Christmas holidays are a great time to take care of yourself. However, many of us traditionally spend this time at feasts with friends, which does not affect our appearance in the best way. Plan an extensive detox program for January, which will include not only fasting days, but also cosmetic activities. A universal remedy for removing toxins is a bath. It can be a Russian steam room, a sauna or a Turkish hammam with low temperatures and high humidity. Bath is recommended to visit once a week. Before a visit to the steam room, treat the body and face with a scrub, and after peeling, do not forget about the mask according to your skin type.

The course of salon wraps will help to eliminate the accumulated excess liquid and slags. Products based on algae, sea s alt and green clay have the maximum detox effect. The result is noticeable almost immediately - after the first session you feel a pleasant lightness in your whole body, and on the scales you see: minus a couple of kilograms. However, this is temporary, and after 2-3 days, the lost weight will return. To get rid of it forever, you need a course of 7-10 procedures. The recommended frequency is once a week.

Issue price:

• Visiting the bath: from 800 rubles. per hour (number of people may vary)

• Detox wrap session: from 1500 RUB


Time to peel

While the sun is still a rare guest in our latitudes, you can use this time to do peeling. Even superficial programs with the use of AHA acids perfectly tone the skin, give it a he althy color, and smooth out wrinkles. Such peels are also suitable for owners of enlarged pores - alpha hydroxy acids normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and relieve characteristic problems for at least a few months. Superficial chemical peels usually need to be repeated 3-5 times within two months. Start early to be ready for spring.

With pronounced age-related changes, flabby skin and serious pigmentation disorders, you can resort to median peeling. As a rule, trichloroacetic acid is used here, which stimulates cell division and improves metabolic processes. Be prepared for the fact that it will take several days for the skin to recover and renew after peeling. Experts recommend at this time to relax at home and use professional products that accelerate regeneration.

Issue price:

• Superficial peeling with AHA acids: from 1700 rubles. per session

• TCA median peel: about 4000 RUB


Paying attention to the face and hair

We are starting to prepare for the spring-summer season, concentrating on the "facade" - the face and hair. Dull, tired skin would be nice to be pampered with a biorevitalization procedure. Injection of stabilized hyaluronic acid allows you to deeply moisturize the epidermis and keep it in this state for up to six months. In addition, the procedure makes the face more sculptural, fresh. As for side effects, the body perceives the drug as native, therefore rejection, allergies and other troubles are extremely rare. Biorevitalization is a “long-term” procedure aimed not so much at an instant effect, but at activating the normal functioning of cells. You will be able to fully evaluate the result in 2-2.5 months.

Hair restoration will not require injections, but we will need restoring ampoules and concentrates. They successfully fight hair loss and brittleness, stimulate their growth, and some products also quickly get rid of dandruff. If the hair falls out at the root (that is, the follicles themselves are weakened), stimulating ampoules with mint extract, tea tree oil, vitamin complex and proteins are suitable. When breaking off hair, products with mineral s alts, lipids, panthenol are recommended. Ampoules are used in a course lasting about a month. After every shampoo, apply to scalp and/or hair and massage until completely absorbed.

Issue price:

• Biorevitalization: RUB 7000−9000

• Professional ampoules against hair loss/brittleness: from 1900 rubles/24 pcs


Sign up for a pedicure room

This is the month when it's time to add sunscreen to your daily beauty arsenal. While you can limit yourself to foundation or day cream with SPF. The optimal indicator for the city is SPF 7-8, however, if you know that you are prone to hyperpigmentation, increase it to 10. Many people underestimate the spring sun. Meanwhile, ultraviolet light is one of the main causes of premature skin aging!

Besides this, it is worth paying attention to the legs. If in winter you can still afford to ignore the pedicure room, then it is advisable to prepare properly for the season of open sandals. You should visit the salon at least once a month - remove rough skin, correct the shape of the nails and take care of the cuticles. At home, fix the result with a “hard” scrub (for example, with pumice particles), various masks and emollient creams (products with allantoin, vitamin F are especially good). If nails exfoliate, break off and generally look unaesthetic, get a good foundation with moisturizing and strengthening ingredients.

Issue price:

• Sunscreen foundation: from 500 RUB

• Pedicure (classic edged): from 800 rub.


Begin to improve the figure

Beach season is just around the corner, so the body should be given special attention. Nobody canceled the gym and rational nutrition, however, if you want to get the fastest and most obvious result, pay attention to cosmetic procedures. To combat cellulite, there is a classic way - lymphatic drainage. A course of 5-7 procedures activates the movement of lymph and the removal of excess fluid, tightens tissues and reduces, if not completely eliminates, the “orange peel”. There are both manual and hardware types of massage, which are approximately the same in terms of effectiveness.

If the case is not limited to cellulite and extra centimeters in the waist and hips poison your life, visit an aesthetic clinic. One of the most modern methods of body shaping is lipotomy, in which a special cocktail of substances that break down fat cells is introduced into problem areas. Then an intensive ultrasonic massage is carried out, and you are allowed to go home - to lose weight. Split cells are excreted from the body through the kidneys and liver over the next 1.5-2 months. During this time, you gradually lose volume, approaching the parameters close to ideal.

Of the more traditional modeling methods, myostimulation and electrolipolysis are effective. These procedures are based on physiotherapy. Under the influence of current, the muscles in the problem areas begin to contract, as a result, the tissues become elastic, and the extra centimeters begin to eliminate themselves. True, to see the result, you will have to be patient.

Issue price:

• Lymphatic drainage: from 550 rubles. for the procedure

• Lipotomy: from 19,000 rubles. for 1 zone

• Myostimulation: from 800 rubles. for the procedure


Intensively moisturize the skin

Nothing dries out the skin like ultraviolet rays. In order not to face dehydration in September, at the very beginning of summer, actively moisturize the epidermis. The most effective combination of salon and home care. Professional masks instantly fill the lack of moisture, the face will become fresher and more attractive. It is enough to do 4 procedures with a frequency of once a week. At home, apply a concentrate or serum with a high content of hyaluronic acid and peptides daily for a month.

Some women experience increased sweating during the summer. If deodorants and talcs do not help, Botox injections can help relieve discomfort. The introduction of a small amount of the drug into the problem area significantly reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands and eliminates hyperhidrosis. One injection lasts approximately 6-8 months.

Issue price:

• Professional care in a beauty salon: from 800 rubles. per treatment (cleansing + mask)

• Botox injections for hyperhidrosis: from 13,000 rubles. for the procedure


Getting ready for vacation

If you want to return from vacation fresh and prettier, carefully prepare for the trip. To tan evenly, exfoliate your face and body 2 times a week using mechanical scrubs with synthetic granules (they do not scratch the skin). After exfoliation, moisturize the epidermis with light texture products that are quickly absorbed and do not clog pores. A few weeks before the holidays, you can start taking special dietary supplements with vitamins A, E, zinc and other minerals. They prepare the skin for tanning, neutralize its negative effects, and also facilitate the acclimatization process.

In order not to look like a black sheep on the beach, you can visit the "self-tanning booth" a couple of times, where in a few seconds your body will be covered with the thinnest veil of peach or chocolate pigment. Thanks to a special spray system, self-tanning is applied evenly to all parts of the body, appearing after 4-6 hours. This method is much safer than a solarium. You can enjoy a freshly acquired tan for 7-10 days. It does not interfere with the natural production of melanin by the skin and, by the way, does not cancel the use of sunscreen on the beach!

Issue price:

• Dietary supplements "He althy Tan": about 1000 rubles.

• Self-tanning in the salon: from 900 rubles. per session


We are planning a visit to the beautician

After prolonged exposure to the sun, the skin will require intensive care. A course of mesotherapy from an experienced cosmetologist will help to cope with peeling, fine wrinkles and enlarged pores. The method allows you to deliver the substances necessary for the epidermis exactly to the address. These can be both anti-aging complexes with collagen, Pro-Xylane molecule and hyaluronic acid, as well as antibacterial cocktails with bisabolol, plant extracts, sulfur and zinc. Tune in that the result will appear only after 5-7 sessions. For those who cannot tolerate injections, there is needle-free mesotherapy, where the deep penetration of the active ingredients provides an electromagnetic field or air pressure.

A trip to the sea can negatively affect the condition of your hair. Sea s alt clogs their structure, and ultraviolet light draws moisture and contributes to the rapid fading of color. The situation will be corrected by a deep cleansing procedure, where a highly alkaline shampoo is used. Such products quickly remove everything superfluous - including particles of s alt, chlorine and silicones from styling products. True, keep in mind that they dry the hair a lot and therefore should not be used more than once a month. After that, a mask with proteins, lipids and other restorative components is necessarily applied. Well, then you can start dyeing or ammonia-free hair tinting to update the color.

Issue price:

• Mesotherapy: from 2000 to 5000 rubles. per treatment (depending on the type of cocktail)

• Deep hair cleansing: from 1500 rubles. (including mask and massage)


Get rid of pigmentation

If there are age spots on the skin, it's time to get rid of them. Minor pigmentation disorders are quite possible to eliminate at home. For this, whitening creams and masks with fruit acids, arbutin, etc. are optimally suited. If the area of ​​​​the lesion is extensive or the spots are the result of age-related skin changes, it is better not to waste time and immediately contact the specialists. You can choose from professional whitening treatments, chemical and laser peels, cryotherapy. What is right for you, the specialist will determine, based on the condition of the skin and the presence of contraindications.

Issue price:

• Whitening cream: from RUB 1000

• Professional care with cosmetic products: from 2000 rubles. for the procedure

• Cryotherapy (treatment of hyperpigmentation): about 3000 RUB


Trying hardware cosmetology

A month for those who have long dreamed of a total transformation. It is at this time that it is safest to do laser resurfacing, photorejuvenation and other serious procedures. In autumn, it is also recommended to carry out plastic surgeries, including liposuction - the body is still full of strength after summer abundance, and therefore will be able to recover in a short time.

To correct wrinkles and tighten tissues, it is not at all necessary to go under the surgeon's knife - most often, thermolifting or fraxel rejuvenation is enough. These methods allow you to eliminate a whole range of problems - tighten tissues, increase collagen production, get rid of age spots and gain a he althy complexion. The devices used are usually equipped with a computer that controls the depth and intensity of exposure. Due to this, the risk of side effects is minimal. During the session, you will have to experience some discomfort, and then spend a few days at home. Redness and slight swelling may last up to several days, but the final result lasts for several years.

Issue price:

• Thermage: from 35,000 rubles. per zone

• Fraxel: from 25,000 rubles. (face)

Relieve December stress with a visit to the spa. You can limit yourself to a visit to the hammam and a relaxing aromatic massage. An option for maximalists is a whole spa day, during which the masters will work not only with your body, but also with hair, hands, feet. A variety of Asian spas are still relevant. They are aimed not so much at correcting cosmetic deficiencies as at harmonizing the body. Fans of European traditions will love the thalassotherapy treatments, hot tubs and, of course, the classic Swedish massage, which has both a relaxing and healing effect.

Issue price:

• The introduction of Botox: from 3000 rubles. per zone

• Facial massage: from 200 rubles. (session)

• SPA programs: from RUB 3000

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