Elena Ischeeva: How to succeed

Elena Ischeeva: How to succeed
Elena Ischeeva: How to succeed

Two years ago, leading Elena Ischeeva left television to go into family business

Elena Ischeeva: How to succeed

Each of us understands that it is not only about luck, but also about the ability to set a goal and move in the right direction. Our heroines are successful women who do not doubt their abilities. They told “DO” about what helps them

I'm finally doing something useful

Exactly two years ago, presenter Elena Ischeeva left television to go into family business - the Internet portal www.banki.ru

On the eve of 2007, I made a difficult decision. The fact is that on the Domashny channel I began to feel out of place. I honestly confessed to this leadership, but we were never able to hear each other. You need to go to work with pleasure, but this pleasure began to leave my life …

Then I asked myself the question: “What is more important for you - that you are recognized on the street or that your child’s eyes shine and your husband is happy because he has a full-fledged wife?” I asked myself a question, but the answer was far from unambiguous. I was able to leave television only with the help of Philip, who said: “Turn the page. For success, you have the main thing - the name and reputation. We had an idea to open a television format on the Banki.ru portal, which has already become very popular in Runet.

I went to a completely different sphere, where several thousand people know me, but a lot depends on these people. I had to learn to ask questions about financial risks and deposits. But with higher university education, I quickly reoriented. The business community has welcomed me. I easily arranged an interview: Yegor Gaidar, Irina Khakamada, Mikhail Zadornov, top managers of banks - everyone talked with me with pleasure. We felt the return immediately: the popularity of the portal has increased significantly. I remember a few months after starting work on the site on March 8, I could not enter the office because it was full of flowers and gifts.

I'm finally doing something useful. Financial literacy in our country is in its infancy, we are constantly afraid, we do not know the answers to elementary questions. How to open a deposit? Why borrow and at what interest? I like to talk about money, I know how to manage it and I want to know how it works.

Family business united us. Silence and grace have come in the house, we live in common affairs and discuss them around the clock. Mom, who was somewhere on television, returned to the house, to her son. Although I still work day and night, I devote much more time to my family: a private business allows me to build a schedule in the way that suits me.

There are no disagreements about work, because Phil and I have clearly separated areas of activity. I am responsible for television content, video news production, top-level communication with banks, writing in the Stars in the Bank column. In this, Philip completely trusts me. I do not interfere in the editorial policy of the portal, I will never write about something through connections, that is, I am not the wife who sticks her nose into everything.

I am proud of what we have created! Our site is visited by about 60 thousand people a day: the crisis has made the economic topic popular. We have developed a range of tools that allow anyone to choose a bank with which they may develop a long-term relationship for life. Today it’s really possible to get a mortgage, it’s not as scary as it seems. You can take a loan, you just need to familiarize yourself with the conditions and correctly calculate everything. We have a famous national rating, where customers leave feedback on the work of banks. Tell your story, complain - and in 90% of cases the problem will be solved, because banks care about their reputation. This is probably what we are working for: it is very nice when people say thank you to us. Even the celebrities I interview often ask for help when they need to solve bank problems. And we solve them!

When you say goodbye to a dream, it's like dying for a moment. Television was my dream, and I said goodbye to it hard - for six months I was haunted by nightmares in my sleep. I was killing television in myself. Now I am a sought-after journalist, I am in my place and happy.

I think the most important thing at times like this is to listen to your intuition. When one door closes, another will open. But in no case should you lie on the stove and wait for the sled to come by itself. I really love the tale about the frog, which, having got into a jug of milk, beat its paws so hard that it churned the butter and got out. I will never sit at home and wait for someone to offer me something. I will try, bruise my forehead, gain experience. And for women who want to change something in life, I advise you to act.

There is an important point - the family should support you. If you are the only breadwinner and you have a husband and children (and this often happens in our country), then trying to abruptly transfer to another boat is like death. But, if you understand that the pleasure of life is passing by, you need to do something and find the right solution. I think it's better to sacrifice something in time to enjoy every day. Now I have everything exactly like that. By the way, I have already returned to television, where on the capital's channel "Doverie" at night I conduct intimate conversations about money and the accumulation of capital. Today this topic is just a win-win!

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