Anastasia Makeeva: “A bright streak has begun in my life”

Anastasia Makeeva: “A bright streak has begun in my life”
Anastasia Makeeva: “A bright streak has begun in my life”

New Year actress Anastasia Makeeva starts in a great mood.

Anastasia Makeeva: “A bright streak has begun in my life”

New Year actress Anastasia Makeeva starts in a great mood: she finally found the man of her dreams and is thinking about starting a family. And her creative achievements speak for themselves

In 2010, we will be able to see Anastasia in the title role in the series: “Love and Hate” on Channel One, “Mistress of the Taiga” and “Date of Own Death”, where Sergey Shakurov became the partner of the actress. In addition, she still plays the lead role in the musical "Monte Cristo" and participates in the television project "Princess of Billiards"

Home Hearth: Anastasia, where are you filming now?

Anastasia Makeeva: I'm filming a movie that I've been waiting for! The thing is, I've always liked touching human stories, where there are no murders and private investigators, and now such stories are rarely filmed. The film is called “Mom under contract”, this is a series for Channel One, I play one of the main roles in it. My heroine is a well-known actress, she is a we althy stylish woman who keeps everything under her heel, including men. Now it is fashionable to take on the upbringing of orphans, and now she also decides to adopt a child, like Angelina Jolie and Madonna. Our story is about how a strong, popular woman faces challenges she never knew she had before. Suddenly, a six-year-old child turns her life upside down. Problems begin with men and with work, she does not have time to take care of herself the way she used to.

BEFORE: Could you adopt a child?

AM: I hope to have children myself. After all, there is nothing dearer than your own baby. But, if life turns out so that for he alth reasons I won’t be able to have children, I’ll probably take advantage of this opportunity. In general, I think that people who go for adoption are very strong. After all, it is a lifetime responsibility! You can't give away a child, you can't give it to a grandmother in the village… You see, young people today are not even ready for the appearance of their own children. A carefree lifestyle is promoted, exclusively for oneself. And if women manifest the call of nature, then men do not need children at all. When my father was 28 years old, as I am now, I already went to school! And modern men at this age do not even think about children, because they do not want to take responsibility.

BEFORE: Is it true that your personal life is now in complete harmony?

AM: Yes, now I'm finally calm! The old life ended when in the morning I did not know what was waiting for me in the evening. Exactly a year ago, last December, such a New Year's miracle happened to me: a page turned over - and a completely different life began. Now next to me is my beloved person, whose name is Gleb. And he is so intelligent that sometimes I get scared. He's great!

BEFORE: Ideal man?

AM: Of course, he has flaws, there are no ideal men, just like ideal women. But I haven't had such a calm and harmonious state for a very long time. In addition, I am now thinking about children, about constancy … I am generally quite provincial in this regard. I grew up in Krasnodar and saw how my parents acted. They live for the family!

BEFORE: Do you think you can start a family with Gleb?

AM: I can think anything! But to create a family, you need the desire of two people. And when he will mature for this, I do not know. We already pretended to have children. We have a cat and a dog, we call ourselves mom and dad. Men in general are more difficult to create a family, and especially those men for whom the words "I love you" mean a lot. Frankly, yes, I would like to start a family with this person, build a house, plant a lot of trees and live to the age when you can sit side by side in rocking chairs, covered with blankets, and I will grumble at him, and he will calm me down … I would like to have children like him. He is incredibly talented! For the first time I met a person who, in my opinion, is worthy of world fame. Now everything is moving towards this, and I am very happy.

BEFORE: What does he do?

AM: He is a composer and an unusually gifted vocalist - we work together in the musical "Monte Cristo", where Gleb plays the role of Fernand. According to the plot of the musical, we are husband and wife. It's a mystery to me: how his amazing melodies are born?! He wrote the music for the film "Admiral", in total he has about thirty films. Do you know how we met him? I really wanted to get to the master class with Svetlana Grigorievna Nesterenko. She is one of the best vocal teachers in the world, her students sing at the Bolshoi Theater, open seasons at the Grand Opera and at La Scala. And since the master class was closed, I came to the Moscow Conservatory, stopped the boy and said: “Listen, guide me, please!” It was Gleb. It turned out to be a double success: firstly, I got to the master class and became a student of Svetlana Grigoryevna. In the musical "Monte Cristo" we have quite large blocks, complex vocal material, and I sing ten performances a month. Previously, it was quite difficult for me to maintain such a schedule, now it is no longer a problem. Secondly, we began to get closer to Gleb. True, at that time I was not ready for a serious relationship due to depression.

BEFORE: Have you ever been depressed? Why?

AM: I buried my brother, we were the same weather and grew up together, almost like twins. He died so stupid! All my relatives live in Krasnodar, and my brother went to Voronezh on a business trip. It was hot, he swam in the lake, caught infectious meningitis and died four days later. Imagine, we saw him off on a business trip, and a week later they called us and said that Danya had died - among strangers, in a strange city. Rave! It was an insane shock. My parents prepared the funeral themselves, they did not want to disturb me. And they called me at the very last moment: "Take a ticket, tomorrow you should be in Krasnodar." Everything was in a blur for me, I didn’t even cry. There is nothing worse than watching parents bury a child and there is nothing you can do to make them feel a little better. After this tragedy, I changed a lot. We love to feel sorry for ourselves. We think: “Here, the meeting fell through, what a misfortune!” or “He went to drink beer with his friends, how could he?!” After this sudden loss, I had a rethinking of life! I began to observe the outside world more. What are we worried about? It's all so stupid!

BEFORE: Despite all this, did Gleb somehow catch your attention?

AM: Yes. Everyone who approached me during this period said something formal and incorrect. And only Gleb found the right words. It is very time - not too late and not too early - invited me to the cinema. If he had done it earlier, I would have reacted very sharply, because I was like a raw nerve. And if he had done it a little later, I would have already begun to doubt that he was interested. After all, when sympathy arises, the right moment for rapprochement is very important. Knowing each other for a year, we went to the movies in a friendly way, and there he kissed me. It was the first time I met a person with such upbringing and such attitude to life. He kissed me like he was fifteen and I was fourteen. It just amazed me! Gleb is amazing. He has never tried smoking in his life and does not drink at all. True, he has a terrible sweet tooth. He can eat a whole cake in a day, and when we go to a restaurant, the waiters are perplexed, because Gleb orders four desserts. I believe that this is not a man, but just a find. We live in a cynical and greedy world, and I am very pleased that Gleb is so correct in a good way. Now everything is so broken, good and bad - everything is mixed up. What once seemed natural is now perceived as a miracle.

BEFORE: And you say there are no perfect men!

AM: I'm not saying he has no flaws. For example, you will not wait for affectionate words from him. Sometimes I pester him: “Yes, tell me something!” But, on the other hand, I even like it. After all, if Gleb says something, it means that he really felt it. Much more dangerous than men who shout: "I love you, my golden one!" And two hours later, the same words are spoken to another woman. Although, of course, I understand that many difficult moments await me. Gleb is an absolutely creative person, and when he thinks about music, he does not notice at all what he puts where. He has, as they say, a creative workshop, where it is useless to put things in order, because in half an hour everything will be the same. He is so chaotic! And I like everything to be in its place. If I was sitting on the bed and the bedspread was wrinkled, I need to fix it. Gleb is like my brother, to whom my mother said: "Danya, make the bed." And he told her: “Why? In the evening, straighten again. He is from the category of big children, but this is not the worst thing. I know that he will never offend me - by word or deed.

BEFORE: There were a lot of rumors about your previous romance with actor Alexei Makarov. They said that he even beat you. Are the horrors we read about true?

AM: You know, I don't read the press related to my past life. This doesn't interest me at all. I'm moving forward and my life is completely different now. Therefore, I cannot tell you whether they wrote the truth about me or not. And I don't want to remember anything.

BEFORE: Are you feeling successful right now?

AM: Yes! I won't even think about it. Man is such an amazing creature, to whom, no matter how much you give, everything is not enough. This is especially true for fame and money. But, as you know, not the one who has a lot of money is happy, but the one who has enough of it. I like not to stop there, but at the same time be happy with what you have. I'm happy! I work by profession, I am in demand, I am filming, my life is full of events. I have a loved one and wonderful parents. It's wrong to complain! Everything turned out the way I wanted. After graduating from the institute, I did not work in the theater for several years. The fact is that I was spoiled for movie roles. In the first year of GITIS, she already starred in Karen Shakhnazarov's film "A Horseman Called Death". And I didn’t want to go to auditions in theaters after graduation, where I would be treated like yesterday’s student. And I decided for myself that I needed to achieve fame in the cinema, and then come to the theater with completely different rights. And so it happened! Now I have a wonderful performance at the Operetta Theater - the musical "Monte Cristo", where I play the main female role - Mercedes. I dreamed about this role! This is a very beautiful, rich performance, a story with an incredible mood! Another performance of mine is "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" at the Moscow City Council Theatre.

BEFORE: What do you need to be completely happy?

AM: Probably only families and children. I already look at the kids very indifferently, watching their reactions. And almost ripe to give birth to a baby. Maybe in a year and a half. I have a very bright streak in my life now, and I even began to come to faith in God, and this is very important. Usually people turn to God when everything is bad for them, he only hears from us: “Give, give, give!” And few people know how to be grateful for what they have. You can always find someone who has more money or brighter roles. But I have nothing to complain about.

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