Marat Basharov: "We don't know much about psychics"

Marat Basharov: "We don't know much about psychics"
Marat Basharov: "We don't know much about psychics"

The host of the show "The Battle of Psychics" on TNT talks about his intuition and how he spends time with his daughter Amelie.

Marat Basharov: "We don't know much about psychics"

BEFORE: What moment from the set of the show impressed you the most and why?

MB: All challenges are interesting in their own way. Every time you are surprised at the ideas of the scriptwriters and look forward to whether they can read the newspaper blindfolded, whether they can recognize the person behind the curtain…

BEFORE: Don't you ever get that "chill in the skin" feeling when one of the members is very precise about something they don't know?

MB: I think that in contact with mysticism and with an unknown area of ​​human knowledge and skills, any person will have such a feeling. And I am also an actor, a person of art, that is, by definition, a person is more impressionable and nervous.

BEFORE: Do you feel uncomfortable in the company of psychics? Aren't you afraid that they might know something about you that you wouldn't want to make public?

MB: Publicity is one of the main troubles that fame prepares for you, and you need to be ready for this as soon as more than 30 friends and acquaintances find out about you. Here, in order to find yourself in an awkward situation, psychics are not needed: you will not have time to do something, but all the tabloids are already full of reports and photographs.

BEFORE: Do you think you have developed intuition? Do you trust her, or do you tend to be more factual?

MB: I prefer facts. However, I can give up on them and surrender to the will of Providence!

BEFORE: It says on your official website that you are afraid of being alone. Is this really true?

MB: It seems to me that all people are somehow afraid of being alone at some inopportune moment. Of course, if it's not about a conscious break in communication, but about real loneliness… And I'm probably no exception in this sense.

BEFORE: Have you ever felt truly alone in your life?

MB: I think everyone has had those moments. At least once.

BEFORE: From conflicting information, we could not understand: is your heart now free or not? Our readers are very concerned about this issue.

MB: And if I say yes, will your readers come to get acquainted? Or will they write letters? Let them write letters, I love it. And you will pass it to me.

BEFORE: You were born in a small community where traditions are usually much more important than in big cities. Are your parents conservative?

MB: My parents are the best for me. It's quite difficult for me to be objective about them. Besides, I have no experience of living with other parents. And that means there is nothing to compare with. But still I think that I was brought up, though strictly, but with the necessary degree of freedom.

BEFORE: Your personal life has been much written and talked about in the media. The breakup of a family and the formation of a new one is a rather painful process, especially when it takes place in front of so many eyes. How did your family react to this?

MB: Stoically. They understood that they were connected with a public person.

BEFORE: When making decisions in controversial situations, do you think about how your parents will react to this, beloved woman?

MB: Always.

BEFORE: Are you involved in the upbringing of Amelie's daughter?

MB: Yes, and the most active.

BEFORE: When did you last see her? What have you been up to?

MB: We recently went to Circue Du Soleile together, Amelie really liked it there, she was very impressed. She also tried to cook dumplings for me the other day. In a word, like an ordinary father and daughter, we have a lot of things to do together, except to adjust for my rather busy schedule.

BEFORE: How did you explain to your daughter why mom and dad don't live together anymore?

MB: Honestly.

BEFORE: According to the news, you remained on good terms with your former spouse. This rarely succeeds. Can you advise how to do this?

MB: Be honest with each other from the first to the last step.

BEFORE: Are you happy now?

MB: Absolutely.

BEFORE: Do you consider yourself successful?

MB: I believe that it is not for me to determine. And not now. Now I have two pictures a year. Now, if I can not appear on the screen for at least a couple of years and at the same time they won’t forget me, and you come to interview me, then everything was successful and there is success. This is how I define the very concept of “success” for myself. For me, this is an opportunity not to work and at the same time to be heard, to be recognizable and in demand. And choose only what you are most interested in.

BEFORE: Was there a moment in your life when you realized that you had moved from the category of young and promising actors to the category of experienced and established actors?

MB: I think that this moment is called old age, and I'm still far from it.

BEFORE: Which of the roles you have played is your favorite?

MB: Always the one that occupies me at the moment.

BEFORE: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?

MB: Birth of daughter Amelie.

TO: Our issue will be out in mid-December. Where will you be at this time?

MB: I think I will be in India by now. There will be shooting of the second part of the series "Indus", in which I participate. I hope that it will be warm there and I can take a break from the Russian climate. So work, work, work is my main event.

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