Irina Khakamada: No plans for the future

Irina Khakamada: No plans for the future
Irina Khakamada: No plans for the future

If by the future we mean the next week, then I can say: I have a lot of plans.

Irina Khakamada: No plans for the future

If by the future we mean the next week, then I can say: I have a lot of plans. But if we talk about a more distant time, then hard plans are not for me. I don't load myself with crazy New Year's resolutions

If you're used to planning your life months in advance, I have some advice for you: relax. 10 years ago I was like that too! Stop adjusting your life to artificial limits, this only interferes with the natural course of events. Plan things for the week - it's very convenient.

And no transition steps or prep work needed. You just need to take a piece of paper and write on it in large letters: "I live for today." And stick a piece of paper on your forehead. Then you can take it off, but you have to live with the feeling that it is still on your forehead. You can also hang a piece of paper on the refrigerator - this is very useful for women, because they open the refrigerator a hundred times a day and each time they remember how important it is to live in the present.

I plan everything in the world - but only for a week. My plans include visiting a sports club, and going to the theater with a child, and cooking, and reading books, or at least time to run to the store and buy these books. Plan for the week what you need, and then carefully adjust your plans depending on the information received. Suppose a theater failed somewhere: there were no tickets. So let's go watch a movie. An important meeting was cancelled? Well, great: finally, we will go to the bookstore and buy a book not on Friday, but on Wednesday. And on Friday we had one hour of free time. So we'll have time for a manicure!

10 years ago, I was very upset when plans fell through. Not today. I deliberately learned this. For example, a mind-blowing meeting with an investor was scheduled, which I really counted on: now the money will flow - and my movie will be shot within two years! But everything fell apart, the investor disappeared without even calling back. Do you think I'm upset? Yes, nothing like that! Glory to you, Lord! It would be much worse if he disappeared later, when the car was already spinning, right?

Another example: they offer me a very profitable project - to read a master class for big money! Then they call and say that nothing will happen, because they did not gather the people. So that's great! So I don't have to go anywhere and I can watch a movie.

I now relate to any events in life like this: if it works out, it's great, and if it doesn't work out, it's also great. It took me 10 years.

I've always been frustrated when things don't work out the way you want them to and you always have to push yourself. And you can't live in harmony with your destiny. I realized that I am a fatalist and higher laws guide me to some extent. And therefore, the fewer plans, the more luck. The more artificial the mood, the less you succeed. If you set yourself a task for the next year and say: “I will die, but I will do it,” what good is that? Dying is easy, but there are situations that you can't change.

Today is a day gone, and thank God. And tomorrow we will think about what will happen tomorrow. What if there will be a new wave of crisis? What if I lose my job? What if someone close to you gets sick? What if the director dumps me? And if the investor does not give money for the film? If you think about all this, you can go crazy. Fuck you all!

Only it seems that it is difficult to live without plans. You come to work after the New Year, and they tell you: “Write an application for a vacation next year, you need to make a schedule.” Difficult? Nothing like this. If you have children, adjust the vacation to the children's vacation. If there are no children, then choose the velvet season. And if you don’t get in line for the velvet season, then there’s nothing to think about at all. Take what's left. And don't be discouraged if things don't work out.

May you not have a schedule for many months ahead, but you will start to take off! Now you are crawling under the weight of plans and schedules. And when they are not there, but there is operational discipline, you begin to gradually spread your wings and soar. And do not burden yourself with crazy New Year's dreams. The dream should live with you quietly and permanently, and in the New Year just revive for a while under the influence of champagne, and then calmly come true, without torturing yourself and others.

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