Daughter succeeded the 7th time

Daughter succeeded the 7th time
Daughter succeeded the 7th time

It took them 12 years before the dream came true. Before that, they gave life to six boys.

Daughter got it on the 7th try!

After meeting her future husband, Kelly dreamed of giving birth to a girl from him. Peter also wanted children, so immediately after the wedding, the parents got down to business in earnest. But they had to wait as long as 12 years before Kelly's dream came true. Before that, she gave birth to six wonderful boys.

It is worth noting that the mother of seven children can still be called a girl, because she recently turned only 30 years old. Now Kelly feels like a truly happy mom - she has a daughter. “I can take Holly with me to the store to buy cosmetics, dresses, all kinds of other goods for girls,” Kelly smiles. “We can talk about things with her that you can’t talk about with guys. I dream that I will develop a special relationship with my daughter.”

True, psychologists say that daughters love their fathers more, and sons love their mothers. In filial love, Kelly does not feel a lack, all six of her boys love their mother madly. Now a girl has appeared in this house, who will have six defenders at once at school. The boys treat their sister with curiosity and sympathy. But jealousy is also felt - after all, their mother now almost does not leave the girl she has been waiting for so long. Source: News Yahoo

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