If guests are already coming to you

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If guests are already coming to you
If guests are already coming to you

Are your friends going to wish you a Happy Old New Year? Great, you have 12 minutes to clean up quickly!

If you already have guests

Are your friends going to stop by and wish you happy holidays? Great, you have 12 minutes to clean up quickly

Main issues:

1. Extra things and dust in the hallway.

2. Mess in the living room.

3. Untidy bathroom.

Quick fix:

1. Entrance hall. Grab a laundry basket (or box) and a large trash bag. Everything that is not in its place in the hallway, throw it directly into the basket: hats, gloves, slippers, etc. Separately, put small things that can get lost in a plastic bag: keys, receipts or checks. Tie the bag in a knot and drop it into the same basket from above. While you are at the front door, shake the door mats. And wipe all freed surfaces from dust. Go to the living room, taking a basket with you. (3 minutes)

2. Living room is the next area in the apartment where guests are most often received. Keep filling the laundry basket with toys, newspapers, and other things that don't belong in the room. Wipe the coffee table, TV screen and other dusty surfaces with the same cloth.

Place magazines and books in neat piles. Collect remote controls in one place. Adjust the pads by shaking them. Use a clean corner of a rag to clean crumbs and dust, as well as pet hair, from upholstered furniture. Instead of a rag, you can use paper towels. If there are stains on the upholstery, put on a blanket. Hide the laundry basket in a pantry, closet, or place it on a balcony. Now move on to the bathroom. (4 minutes)

3. Bathroom. Put all excess cosmetics and hygiene products in closed cabinets. Close the curtain to keep the outside clutter out of sight.

To clean and polish bathroom surfaces, soak a paper towel in alcohol and wipe the mirror, faucet, sink and shelf. Remove the toilet seat and cistern with a new towel. And with a paper towel dipped in water, wipe the stains on the floor and hair. Be sure to wash off the soap stains from the soap dish! Hang fresh towels and run to the kitchen, throw out the garbage from the bathroom there. (5 minutes)

To make it easier next time:

• Get a large canvas bag and hang it on a hook in your closet. It will serve as a convenient "piggy bank" for things that you do not have time to put away in a hurry: gloves, correspondence, etc.

• Keep wet cleansing wipes at home, which are handy for those moments when you need to clean up quickly.

• Buy a brush with rubber bristles - it will definitely come in handy if you have dogs or cats at home. To collect wool from any fabric, just wet it with water.

What you need:

• Empty laundry basket, box or bag.

• Plastic bags

• Microfiber cloth

• Paper towels

• Medical alcohol

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