Respect the woman behind the wheel

Respect the woman behind the wheel
Respect the woman behind the wheel

"Female-friendly" in car dealerships: mechanics strive to explain everything to customers in an accessible way…

Respect the woman behind the wheel!

One of the world's first "women-friendly" car dealerships operates in the US city of Fort Worth

This, of course, does not mean that in all other salons they do not like ladies. It's just that at Aaron's Automotive & Performance, the staff has developed a special attitude towards the weaker sex, which allowed the owner to position his establishment as "friendly to women."

Senior technologist Aaron Phelps says it's all about building trust between clients and artists. “We try to explain to the ladies everything we're going to do with their cars,” says Phelps. - And explain in an accessible language, without any complicated terms. I'm trying to tell a woman exactly why this or that repair needs to be done, than it is necessary.”

Mechanics really want women to understand everything that goes on with their cars. And these strong men, stained with engine oil, are ready to spend five minutes and an hour explaining. This strategy works - women make up the majority of the salon's clients.

“I'm always clear about what will be done with my car,” says one such client, Arden Catney. - This is a very big plus. In other salons, mechanics said something to me through clenched teeth, but I did not understand anything.”

The salon itself, with the exception of repair shops, sparkles with impeccable cleanliness. A woman can safely enter any room, including toilets. Everywhere she will be met by a pleasant smell and sparkling floors. And at the counter you can buy not only spare parts or souvenirs for the car, but also handmade jewelry, as well as tools for diagnosing breast cancer.

"We thought working with so many women would be a huge test on our nerves," laughs Aaron Phelps. - You know what they sometimes say about ladies driving. But I must tell you that women are much easier to deal with than most male clients. No rudeness, in any case, no aggressiveness. It's very nice!”

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