Where do the Christmas trees go?

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Where do the Christmas trees go?
Where do the Christmas trees go?

Have you already removed the Christmas tree? How to do this without upsetting the child - in the text of Alisa Selezneva.

Where do the trees go?

Have you already removed the Christmas tree? How to do this without upsetting the child - in the text of Alisa Selezneva

When I was little, I never saw my parents remove the Christmas tree. The tree just suddenly appeared in the house at night at the end of December, and just as imperceptibly disappeared at night, at the end of January. When the tree appeared (large - up to the ceiling, fluffy, bright, in golden balls, red ribbons, with a star on top) - I rejoiced, and when it disappeared - I cried. I was told that the tree flew to the North Pole. I was shocked. I began to think. There are many apartments in our house. There are many houses in the city. If all the Christmas trees fly to the North Pole at the same time, how do they have enough space in the sky?

I imagined it like this:

"Christmas trees flying to the North Pole". Rice. author

I couldn't sleep. The thought developed. I got out of bed, went to the hall - the largest room, where our Christmas tree usually stood. She looked carefully at the ceiling. I studied the walls, even looked under the carpet. I was looking for a place where the tree flies out. There was no fireplace in the apartment, only a window. “Yes, yes, right through the window,” my mother said with a smile, watching me in the doorway.

I was tormented by questions. “And how do the toys from last year (that ball over there, there is a girl on skis on it, it was then, and is now) remain if the tree flies away? Does she fly away with toys? How does she not drop toys? How does a tree remember the address where it came from? She can read? Does she go to school? Who opens and closes the window behind her? How are all these trees together (Ksyushina, Tanina, Katina and ours) there at the North Pole? Who waters them? Do they fly back together too? I asked Ksyusha's girlfriend from the seventh floor: "Did your Christmas tree fly away?" "No, Santa Claus took ours," answered Ksyusha. There were discrepancies. Our parents lied to us. There was a scandal.

Amazing thing is memory. A year has passed. I was already five. I prepared for the New Year thoroughly. As soon as the snow fell, I began to ask my mother: “Will the Christmas tree arrive today? Not? OK. Tomorrow?" I waited for a positive answer and, like an honest child, I warned my mother: “I won’t sleep. Will wait". I fell asleep, the tree arrived without me.

It all ended unexpectedly. Santa Claus came, I pulled his beard, he turned out to be my mother's younger brother, Uncle Volodya. They had to explain everything to me: about the gifts, and about the Christmas tree, and about the North Pole. They're still lucky, I guess I didn't ask about the cabbage they found me in.

My daughter Zlata is three and (trust me) she understands something in life. It's time for our tree to fly away. I'm worried, so I asked mothers and housewives how they clean the Christmas tree.

I am happy to share my advice with you

"How do you remove the Christmas tree so as not to upset the child?":

BUILD A SHUT!(by lada_majere)

In order not to upset the child by throwing the Christmas tree, you need to offer him something exciting new. For example, build a hut exactly in the place where the spruce is now standing.

LET FATHER FROST TAKE!(from vredina22)

We (we are 3 years old) had to call Santa Claus again to take away the Christmas tree, from which the toys were removed by the whole family. More fantasy was not enough

blizzard took away (from katkobachirova)

This is the first New Year for me, when one of my children is already “in mind and memory”:), so I also thought about how not to upset my daughter. I don’t know how old your child is, but I’m mine in May:) I’ll say that the snowstorm goes to the cold north and takes the Christmas tree with it to return next year, otherwise it will melt here. I'll let you touch the dry, even more prickly needles, I'll say that the Christmas tree also wants to go home. It is very convenient to wrap toys in paper towels (if valuable-beautiful - then each one, and so forgive between the layers of toys in the box).


Let him cut (and partially eat) chocolate decorations:)

CHRISTMAS GOES HOME (from kodomo_iruka)

Remembering my childhood: we played the game, the Christmas tree goes home. “The Christmas tree in the city is sick, tired. You see - the needle drops and dries. She needs to go home so that she can grow there again / so that a new tree can grow out of her. And together, fun, with music (we put on a record with “a Christmas tree was born in the forest”, and now you can find a lot of things), they took off toys with jokes, put them in a box and saw off the Christmas tree …

TELL THE TRUTH (by weaverine)

I just said that today we will take apart the Christmas tree and hide the toys in boxes. The child was happy to arrange toys in boxes and that she was allowed to make intricate patterns on the floor from beads and garlands. And when she asked where the dry Christmas trees go, I told her that Christmas trees are brought to a special place where they make something good - firewood that gives people warmth, chips that sprinkle flowerbeds with beautiful flowers.

Thanks to the hostesses for the advice

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