Wardrobe staple

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Wardrobe staple
Wardrobe staple

To properly organize your wardrobe, you only need to have 14 essential items.

The basis of the wardrobe

Classic style never goes out of style. Such clothes are suitable for both work and leisure. All you need is a few basic pieces to get your wardrobe right

1. A little black dress may seem boring, but it's a must - its versatility is that it can be paired with different pieces and worn in different situations.

2. Knitwear Choose a color that suits you with a cashmere cardigan, a slim turtleneck and a jersey dress for casual meetings.

3. The pencil skirt is strict but feminine. It favorably emphasizes the figure and can be combined with both a jacket and knitwear.

4. Good shoes Remember that shoes are a "talking" detail with which you are impressed. Stylish stilettos, moccasins or other comfortable shoes are a must in your wardrobe, as well as ballerinas and sandals for the weekend.

5. Boots or ankle boots - your choice. If 4-5 pairs of shoes are too much for you for financial reasons, then buy 2 pairs of good shoes for work.

6. The classic winter coat can be worn with or without a belt. The fabric should be of high quality, warm and soft.

7. A high-necked blouse, along with a white sweater and a white cotton t-shirt, are sure to come in handy for the office.

8. A perfectly tailored jacket is a must in your wardrobe. Choose a bright color that contrasts with black trousers and avoid long double-breasted jackets - they make most of us squat.

9. Trousers - black, gray or sand. Remember that high-waisted pants make your legs look longer.

10. Casual set (cropped coat, knitted pullover and blue trousers without arrows) is perfect for leisure and travel.

11. Silk scarves and pashmina (cashmere stole) are always useful on a cool evening or on long trips.

12. Cocktail Dress Avoid large prints and horizontal stripes, and bright colors are encouraged.

13. Beads (necklace). Short beads - for suits, jackets and V-neck pullovers, and long ones - for dresses and tunics. Remember that pearl beads never go out of style. Don't be afraid to pair jewelry with jewelry.

14. Practical bag Opt for a bag made of soft leather and not oversized. Big bags ruin your image and spoil your posture.

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