Combining hijabs and aikido

Combining hijabs and aikido
Combining hijabs and aikido

Egypt has the country's first female bodyguard agency.

Connecting hijabs and aikido

Egypt has the country's first female bodyguard agency

These ladies, dressed according to all the laws of "bodyguard fashion" (strict black suits, white shirts), differ from their male counterparts by wearing traditional Muslim hijab headscarves. Perhaps this is where their differences end, because female bodyguards shoot just as well as men. They are also ready to scatter two dozen intruders around in hand-to-hand combat, because they are fluent in aikido techniques.

The security agency Falcon Group was the first in Egypt to provide services of female bodyguards. They are mainly used to protect we althy ladies - the wives of businessmen, sheikhs and politicians, as well as a few Egyptian business women. In a conservative Egyptian society, a man guarding someone else's wife and following her through all the hotels and mansions does not look very moral.

Three years ago, Falcon Group started with 20 women, now the company has 300 bodyguards. They readily guard not only private clients, but also shopping centers, shops, restaurants. Last November, ladies and men guarded a scandalous Beyoncé concert that drew curses from Muslim religious figures.

However, the weaker sex tries to remain weak only if it is not forced to reverse. The main weapon of these ladies is diplomacy. They are taught to resolve conflict situations with the power of words, smiles, they are required to actively use the brain. But if there is no other way out, then the bodyguard starts to fight.

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