How to leave a puppy at home alone?

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How to leave a puppy at home alone?
How to leave a puppy at home alone?

Can I leave a puppy at home alone? There are some tricks to help your dog get used to being alone.

How to leave a puppy at home alone?

Can I keep a puppy

Communication with the owners plays a huge role during the growth of the animal: the puppy acquires good habits, learns the rules of life in the house. If during this period he is often left to himself, you will not expect good manners from him. But there are some tricks to help your dog get used to being alone.

• "Home Substitute". Choose something that belongs to you (a toy, a handbag) and always take it with you for a walk. Put it next to you, get a treat out of it, send your pet to this item from time to time. The goal is to convince the dog that the thing is valuable to you. When leaving the house, leave this item on the bed - the dog will be less nervous, because the favorite thing keeps your smell, and the animal will have evidence of your return.

• More toys. Can a puppy be left alone at home? Sure, but don't forget the toys. The more toys and chews you leave for your dog, the less things will be damaged in your absence. So that toys do not have time to get bored, put them away at a time when everyone is at home.

• Active walks. Dogs that actively spend time on walks usually sleep a lot at home. Do not be lazy to give your pet physical activity on a walk, then the time alone will pass unnoticed. How to walk your dog properly.

• Heart-to-heart talk. Do not underestimate the intelligence of animals: they understand much more than you think, so talk to your pet more.

Caution! Even the most good-natured cats and dogs have the instincts of wild animals and are a danger to other pets - birds, reptiles and amphibians (if any). When leaving, close the rooms in which the dog or cat has someone to hunt. 6 reasons to get a dog.

How to leave a puppy at home: expert advice

How to behave towards a new family member at first? Can I keep a puppy?

Despite the global busyness, try to take a vacation when a new pet appears in the house, and agree in advance with the household about who will continue this baton. If at this time someone will constantly be near the animal, this will help to instill in him some “good habits” (know the place of your toilet, sharpen your claws on the scratching post, and not on furniture or carpets, gnaw special toys, not foreign objects). How to leave a puppy alone at home for a long time? Gradually accustom your baby to loneliness. To begin with, wean him to follow you around: leave one at first for a short time and then increase this interval. Of particular importance are the first 1.5 hours after your departure (especially for dogs), then the puppy calms down and finds a game or “business”.

Is he full? Dry food can be left for a long time at room temperature.

Comfortable things. How to leave a puppy at home alone? Buy automatic feeders and drinkers that allow you to set precise feeding times and daily feed volumes.

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