Have you helped Haiti?

Have you helped Haiti?
Have you helped Haiti?

The whole world raises funds to help victims of earthquakes in Haiti.

Did you help Haiti?

The whole world raises funds to help the victims in Haiti.

"So far, no funds have been received into our own charity account," Tatyana Klenitskaya, a representative of the Red Cross organization in Russia, told RIA Novosti, adding that the bank account was specifically designed to collect funds from Russian citizens. opened last Friday.

The organization has professionals who know English, cynologists with dogs, specially trained by this organization, and ready to help Haiti. But she urges to note the fact that "our public organization does not have the funds to send."

Governments of different countries, organizations and individuals allocate money to help Haiti. As of January 28, 2010, according to media reports, the amount of the declared financial assistance exceeds $300 million.

If you would like to contribute - please use the useful addresses of official organizations at the end of this article. We have collected this information for you in one place.

Money to help the victims in Haiti comes from everywhere.


Leonardo DiCaprio - $1 million

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - $1 million

Sandra Bullock - $1 million

Madonna - 250 thousand dollars

Scarlett Johansson is selling dinner to go at auction. All proceeds will go to Haiti.

Shakira, Alyssa Milano, Chris Martin, Tyler Perry, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewarty and Taylor Lautner announced their intention to contribute.

George Clooney headlined the telethon. Revenue not calculated yet.


Queen Elizabeth also replenished the fund to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The amount of donations, however, was not disclosed.


Golfer Tiger Woods is going to donate $3 million to victims of Haiti

NFL intends to allocate $2.5 million

Basketball Association - $1 million

NHL. - 100 thousand dollars


This is perhaps the most surprising. What all the tabloids write about. Seven-year-old Londoner Charlie Simpson got on his bike on Sunday and went to the park, planning to raise some £500. In the park, he asked vacationers to donate to help Haitian children. The boy circled the park seven times - and this is about eight kilometers. By Wednesday (January 27), he had raised $275,000 (more than Madonna donated).

On his website, which Charlie created to collect donations, he wrote: “I want to ride a bike to raise money for Haiti because there was a big earthquake and a lot of people died. I want to raise money to buy food, water and tents for everyone in Haiti.”

Countries and organizations (in descending order):

World Bank and International Monetary Fund -$100 million

USA - $100 million

UN Emergency Response Fund - $10 million

Great Britain and Australia - $10 million each

Japan and Canada - $5 million each

Red Cross via twitter - $3 million

Ukraine - 500 thousand dollars

In total, about 30 countries announced their intention to provide assistance to Haiti.

Port-au-Prince airport is not able to receive all the planes with humanitarian supplies and rescuers arriving in Haiti, and ground services are unable to cope with the unloading of aid that has already arrived.

What Russia is doing:

Russia also provides active assistance to the victims. The next (fourth) aircraft of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Il-76 flew on Thursday, January 28, to Haiti with 15 tons of humanitarian aid on board. A military field hospital was equipped with food, water and medicines, a helicopter for evacuation. Both Russian doctors and rescuers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations are working at the site of the earthquake. Russian rescuers pulled eight people alive from the ruins and treated more than 200 wounded.


Here we provide a list of official organizations accepting donations to help victims of the earthquakes in Haiti.

1. Doctors Without Borders

If you want to send a donation to MSF/MSF to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti, follow the link to MSF's international website www.msf.org, select one of the sections on the left (Select your office) and go to the Donations page for instructions on how to donate online.

(Editor's update: On January 28, the Donations section of www.msf.org was down due to a technical glitch. We hope the section will be up and running soon).

2. United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Russia

You can make an online donation here:

For more information about other ways to donate funds to help victims in Haiti through UNICEF, read here:

3. Red Cross

Please send charitable funds to the settlement account of the Russian Red Cross using the following details:

Full name All-Russian public organization "Russian Red Cross"

Short name Russian Red Cross

Abbreviated name RKK

Legal address 117036, Moscow, Cheremushkinsky proezd, 5

Actual address 117036, Moscow, Cheryomushkinsky proezd, 5

Phone 126−75−71

Fax 126-42-66, 126-05-36

Details TIN 7728014523KPP 772801001Р/с 40703810000000338003in CB "LOKO-BANK" (CJSC) MoscowC/с 30101810500000000161BIC 044585161

PSRN 1037700182772

Chairman of the RKK Lukutsova Raisa Timofeevna

American Red Cross twitter page -

Photo Gallery: Talia Frenkel / American Red Cross

Photos are published with the permission of the author.

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