A big event in the Arab world

A big event in the Arab world
A big event in the Arab world

A woman became governor. "The President believes in my ability," she said.

Biggest event in the Arab world

A high-profile event in the Arab world - a woman became governor

The position of women in Muslim countries cannot be called the same everywhere. So, if in states such as Turkey or Pakistan, women can hold the highest government posts on an equal footing with men, then in the Arab states their position is sometimes still very different from that of men. All the more surprising was the decision of the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, to appoint a woman to the post of one of the governors of Palestine.

Leila Ghannam, who started her career in the Fatah movement since high school, took over as governor of Rammala and al-Bireh province, one of 16 provinces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Layla was appointed a member of the Ramallah municipality some time ago, and then took up one of the key posts in the Fatah security service. By the way, the mayor of the city of Rammala, the capital of the Palestinian Authority, is now also a woman - a Christian by religion.

Gannam served for a time as the General Manager of the Ministry of Social Welfare and has a PhD in Psychology. Layla has no husband and no children and is the most influential woman in the Fatah movement today. The recent elections in this movement turned out to be unsuccessful for local women, none of the representatives of the weaker sex was elected to the central committee.

However, a number of women received the right to sit on the Fatah Revolutionary Council, which is the second most important in this organization. Among them is Layla Grannam. “I was appointed governor because the president believes in my abilities,” she said. “It has nothing to do with me being a woman.”

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