DIY: making a doll

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DIY: making a doll
DIY: making a doll

Where can the city mistress get straw? Nowhere! But everyone has a piece of brocade, thread and beads…

With your own hands: we make a doll

There is such a tradition - to make dolls. Since straw is not the material that the city hostess always has at hand, we will make the doll from fabric, threads and jewelry. Everything you need (a piece of brocade, organza or silk, beads, beads, threads, unnecessary scraps of fabric) - you can easily find it in any housewife's drawer!

How to make a rag doll at home? We are publishing a photo instruction from our regular reader Alexandra Polyushkova.

How to make a rag doll

Hello dear Domashniy Ochag and its readers!

I learned how to make this doll at a master class with artist-teacher Taisiya Karimova.

I made two of these dolls - in white and pink dresses. I gave one to my grandmother, the other to my friend! Both were very happy! Sharing my experience with you!

Fabrics for the dress can be used in a variety of colors - from colorful scarves, bright, in colors or plain.

Perhaps the oil version would look even better with the motley fabric, but I really like the white version. It turns out such a bride!

How to make a rag doll face and body

2. How to make a rag doll with your own hands? Preparing the body and head

3. Attaching the head to the body

4. We form handles, put on a blouse

5. Putting on the first skirt

6. Putting on the second skirt, straightening the folds

7. How to make rag doll hair? We fix hair from threads

8. Forming wings from brocade

9. We fix them on the body

10. We put a bouquet in the handles

11. Voila!

It's a pity to burn such a doll! But it can decorate a house or give it to a person you like!

Good luck! Your Sasha.”

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