Man of the month: Georgy Dronov

Man of the month: Georgy Dronov
Man of the month: Georgy Dronov

We live in a time where women need to be strong. This is neither good nor bad.

Man of the Month: Georgy Dronov

Actor Georgy Dronov is lucky to see family series. The country fell in love with him as Sasha from the series "Sasha + Masha", then we watched the sitcom "Happy Together", where Georgy acted as a director, and recently "Voronins" started on the STS channel - a story about a married couple living through the wall with their parents

Home Hearth: George, why do you think there are so many family series on the screens?

Georgy Dronov: Because people are very tired of serials with bandits. They want stories that they can identify with. In addition, family series are always a bit of a fairy tale. There scandals end in peace and laughter. That is, they have a therapeutic effect.

BEFORE: Do you recognize yourself in the storylines?

GD: My family doesn't live as densely as the Voronins, so we don't have very similar situations. My parents and I rarely see each other and when we meet, we can't talk enough. There is no time for quarrels. But, you know, my younger brother is very similar to Lenya! Like the brother of my hero, he is kind, reliable, homely, perhaps a little timid, but you can always rely on him. And he lives with his mom too!

BEFORE: Does your brother know that you think he looks like Lenya from The Voronins?

GD: Yes, he understood everything immediately when he saw the first episode. Laughed to tears! Now, when Lenya hesitates in the series, cannot make a decision, his brother sits at the screen and gets sick: “No, no! Don't do it!"

BEFORE: And what do you think, which of the characters you are more like: Sasha, Kostya Voronin or Gena Bukin?

GD: Perhaps Sasha. It is more expressive, explosive. In addition, he has the makings of a leader - he is the head of the company. Gena Bukin is a man who put an end to himself and lives by the principle "do not touch me." He crossed the line of a forty-year-old man, while I'm just getting close to him. Kostya is phlegmatic. At work, he has to be sociable, take interviews (after all, he is a journalist), but at home he is extremely passive and pushes problems away from himself. Perhaps this trait is what unites all three heroes. Like most Russian men who get tired at work, they simply refuse to solve problems at home.

BEFORE: Do you think this is a natural distribution of roles in the family?

GD: A man must leave something for a woman! Especially emancipated.

BEFORE: But is it good?

GD: You know, emancipation is like a greenhouse effect. Everyone rushes about with him, panicking, asking: “Does the Earth need a greenhouse effect?” And scientists say: “This is neither good nor bad. There just came a period that happens once every so many years. Climat is changing. Another hundred years will pass, and everything will return to normal.” It's the same with emancipation. Apparently, we live in a time when women just need to be strong. This is neither good nor bad.

BEFORE: Many women who are faced with the absence of a strong man around are wondering: “How to raise a son properly?” What advice would you give them?

GD: I'm currently acting in a play where my character keeps asking the question: "Why don't women understand men at all?" Yes, the thing is that we are completely different! A woman will never understand our games, our jokes. We are different, that's why we are interesting to each other. But, alas, a woman will never be able to give her son what his father gives him - to instill in him the strength of character.

BEFORE: That is, in an incomplete family, you can forget about raising a real man?

GD: It is possible to educate, but it is difficult. If the mother specifically thinks about it, sends the boy to some sports section, where he will communicate with adult men, take an example from them, then yes. Today, young people have nothing to look up to. The cult of the family is just beginning to revive. But these are such timid attempts … Young guys watch TV, read magazines and see constant news: they got divorced, he got a mistress. And they think that this is how it should be, that this is good, that this is an example to follow.

BEFORE: What do you think a man's midlife crisis is?

GD: Any man is first of all a warrior. Therefore, he must always move from point A to point B. Leaving one city, go to conquer another. But after all, every time you plan a new point for yourself, you may not come to it. Or come, but not a winner, but a beggar. And the fact is that there are dozens, hundreds of such points in a man's life! Work done or not done, roles played or not played, successful and unsuccessful performances … This is both family relationships and your financial well-being. The midlife crisis is the time when a man looks back at his life for the first time and asks the question, “Where am I running? Why am I running? For whom? Did I choose the right direction?”

BEFORE: How do you answer these questions for yourself?

GD: Lately I often think: have I managed to do everything as a grandson for my grandparents? Am I making enough time for my mom? What is my relationship with my brother? How to organize your life so that it does not consist of one job, because he alth no longer allows you to treat yourself like a machine. And so on.

BEFORE: Why do men ruin families so often at this time? Is this really the easiest way to get away from problems?

GD: Divorce is far from the easiest decision. This takes courage. And so men start an affair on the side! The fact is that nature has conceived a mechanism for monthly renewal in a woman, and a man, apparently, saves everything up to forty, and then … He is like a shark, which must swim in order to breathe, so that water passes through the gills. When a man realizes that he is lying at the bottom without movement, he makes a zig-zag in his life … By the way, it is not known what this will lead to. But he deliberately takes this risk. This is, first of all, an attempt to change something within yourself through a new meeting. And I do not want to condemn anyone in this regard.

BEFORE: How do men and women get along?

GD: Don't look for him! Differences are what attract men to women. The more differences, the stronger the attraction.

BEFORE: What about misunderstanding?

GD: Misunderstanding means people just don't fit together. We need to find our man. Even animals seek their partner by smell. People are much the same. You can walk down the street and turn around without seeing a person's face, just catching the scent of perfume. Indeed, on different women the same perfumes are revealed in different ways. You just need to find a person with your own scent.

BEFORE: What would you like for February 23rd?

GD: Victory. Every man is a warrior, especially if he is George.

BEFORE: A real man's answer!

GD: By the way, notice that there is no aggression in it. It's not about winning at someone else's expense, but about winning over yourself. You should always try to jump above the rainbow!

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