Rules of youth

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Rules of youth
Rules of youth

To keep youth, women are ready, if not for everything, then for a lot.

Youth Rules

To preserve youth, women are ready, if not for everything, then for a lot. Today, one of the main trends in Europe is the use of non-surgical anti-aging methods.

To improve complexion and skin density, French women use peeling and a laser, and to get rid of wrinkles and restore face volume, they resort to various fillers and Botox.

"However, even if you are a supporter of non-surgical methods, this does not negate the mandatory daily anti-aging care, but makes it especially important in the complex of measures to preserve youthful skin," said Dr. Pon-Giraud, a French dermatocosmetologist with a worldwide reputation, visited Moscow at the invitation of ROC® brand.

New range of ROC® Wrinkle Correxion anti-aging products:

In her opinion, the cream will be really effective only if the list of its ingredients includes retinol (it stimulates the synthesis of new collagen in the skin), fragmented hyaluronic acid and biopeptides that restore the skin from the inside thanks to its own reserves. All these ingredients are combined in the new ROC® Wrinkle Correxion range of anti-aging products that target wrinkles at the cellular level.

Tone on tone

It's no secret that the right foundation is invisible on the face. However, even if the tone matches the color of the skin, and the texture is perfect for you, we do not always manage to hide the product from others. Max Factor's innovative Second Skin Foundation adapts to the skin for a superior natural complexion. Special moisturizing ingredients blend perfectly with the skin's moisture balance, while highly sensitive pigments hide imperfections for a perfect skin.

Gentle care

Bourjois's Grains de Beauté series is replenished with the Gommage de Rêve exfoliating and nourishing treatment.

Featured with horsehair fibers, it gently exfoliates skin and removes surface impurities. With the help of jojoba oil, enriched with essential fatty acids, it intensively nourishes the skin. Musk and milky notes warm like fragrant ginger tea.

Secrets of Aphrodite

Fresh Line presents a line of organic facial masks, which include extracts of vegetables, fruits and plants grown in ecologically clean areas of Greece. The formulas of the masks are based on the recipes of aroma and herbal medicine of the ancient Greek healers, who knew everything about the beauty and youth of the skin.

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