How to keep perfect breasts: truth and myths about beauty

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How to keep perfect breasts: truth and myths about beauty
How to keep perfect breasts: truth and myths about beauty

Beautiful and high breasts are not only genetics, but also proper care.

How to maintain perfect breasts: truth and myths about beauty

However, even in our enlightened age, women still use grandmother's recipes and believe in popular myths. "DO" knows how to take care of the bust in order to boldly wear dresses with a decollete.

Myth: Young breasts do not need care

Myth: Special exercises help increase breast size

Myth: Modern creams tighten the sagging bust and restore its youthful shape

Myth: Breast stretch marks are inevitable after childbirth

Myth: If you lean on cabbage during a diet, your breasts will not lose in size

Myth: If you don't wear a bra, your breasts will sag quickly

Myth: If your breasts sag, it doesn't matter! You can tighten it with surgery

Exercise for the beauty of the chest 1. Stand up straight, hands on the belt. Pull your elbows back 25-30 times at the same time and return to the starting position. 2. Connect your hands at chest level and press hard with your palms against each other. Relax after 10-15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 15 times. 3. We arm ourselves with an expander. Sit on a chair, straighten your shoulders and pull the expander in front of you, spreading your arms wide to the side. Raise your arms up, then down, relax for a few seconds and repeat again. 4. Stand up straight, take turns describing circles with your hands. You can take small dumbbells. 10-15 sets for each hand. It is advisable to do this set of exercises at least once every two days. In addition, you should pay attention to push-ups and, of course, to the classic method of straightening your posture - walking around the room with a book on your head.

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