Question-answer: Advice from a gynecologist

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Question-answer: Advice from a gynecologist
Question-answer: Advice from a gynecologist

How much weight can you lift while pregnant? What to do if the cycle is prolonged?

Question-answer: Advice from a gynecologist

Dmitry Lubnin, Candidate of Medical Sciences, answers questions from Domashniy Ochag readers.

Normal option

Question: For the past few months, 7-10 days after the end of my period, I have had a slight "daub". What could be causing this phenomenon?

Answer: There are several reasons for the appearance of such discharges. This is due to the rejection of the surface layers of the endometrium (the lining of the uterus), which is normally completely rejected during menstruation. This phenomenon is observed with a temporary change in the blood concentration of female sex hormones, which is possible during the period of ovulation. Therefore, if such discharges appear in the middle of the cycle and quickly pass, they can be considered a variant of the norm. However, there are diseases that can also manifest as spotting. Most often it is endometriosis, endometrial polyp or hyperplasia, inflammatory diseases of the uterus, ovarian cysts and other diseases. In any case, when such discharge appears, you should go to the gynecologist and be sure to do an ultrasound. If no abnormalities are found, hormonal contraceptives can solve the problem of discharge.

Effortless and effortless

Q: Doctors do not recommend carrying weights over 3kg during pregnancy. And what weight can a woman generally (besides pregnancy) lift without fear, without harm to he alth (taking into account the realities of our life, if she does not have servants)?

A: Let's immediately distinguish between two conditions during pregnancy: a normal pregnancy and a pregnancy in which there is a threat of termination. In the second case (here much depends on the severity of the threat and the cause that causes it), it is necessary to avoid lifting weights and other loads as much as possible, to be at rest. With a normal pregnancy, you must be guided by your feelings and common sense. The weights that you lift and carry should not cause you pronounced stress and effort, it is difficult to measure this in kilograms, everything is individual here and depends on your physical form. The main thing is to try to take care of yourself and avoid unnecessary labor exploits.

The best way to protect

Q: What is the best and most reliable protection against sexually transmitted infections and diseases? How protective is a condom?

A: At the moment, as practice shows, experts unanimously call the condom the only way to protect against sexually transmitted infections. And he copes with this task. Of course, the most important factor in the effectiveness of a condom is its quality, expiration date and proper use (read the instructions carefully). A condom should be used throughout the entire intercourse, and not just at the final stage. The only infection against which a condom provides little or no protection is the human papillomavirus. This is because the virus is present in the skin of the entire surface of the genitals and perineum, which cannot be protected by a condom.

Simple tips

If the cycle dragged on:

1 See a gynecologist to rule out diseases of the reproductive system.

2 Pass an endocrinological examination: if the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will be able to adjust the treatment and prescribe the necessary hormone therapy.

3 Bleeding leads to a decrease in hemoglobin levels, so the doctor may prescribe iron supplements.

4 To avoid embarrassment between periods, use daily sanitary napkins with protective properties. For example, the Carefree Plus line of wipes, thanks to its new elongated shape and increased absorbent layer, perfectly absorbs secretions and creates a feeling of comfort.

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