What do men dream about?

Fashion 2023
What do men dream about?
What do men dream about?

We dressed women according to the dreams of their men.

What do men dream of?

It's no secret that men's view of fashion and what suits us women is often very different from our own. We invited four couples to take part in a fashion experiment and realized that sometimes it’s worth listening to a man’s opinion

Our readers:

Karina and Konstantin have been married for 10 years

Konstantin would like to see Karina feminine and sexy more often.

In everyday life she prefers black and comfortable knitwear.

We offered a red cocktail dress with a classic fitted silhouette with a deep cutout on the back, it favorably emphasizes a graceful figure and will not leave men indifferent.

Karina is wearing a Karen Millen dress, silver shoes and an Oasis bracelet

On Constantine: Cornelliani suit and tie

Natalia and Alexey have been married for 2 years

Aleksey says that Natalia likes to dress brightly, even too brightly, and prefers youth style, and he would like to see her more elegant.

We picked up a set for Natalia in fashionable beige and brown tones:

Fine suede jacket, embroidered chiffon tunic and sandy suede skinny trousers. Soft shades, pleasant textures, layered silhouette create a very stylish look.

Natalia wears: Karen Millen jacket and tunic, Marc Cain skinny pants, Dibrera suede ankle boots, Coffer beads

Natalia and Alexey have been married for 21 years

Aleksey loves bright colors, and Natalya most often dresses in gray and black. Our task is to add color and positive to her wardrobe. An elegant dress made of colorful patterned jersey looks very bright, and it is complemented by a feminine pink cardigan. And, of course, you need to emphasize a thin waist.

On Natalia: Laurel jersey dress, Twin-Set cardigan, Larena Paggi suede shoes, Marks & Spencer leather strap, beads - Stylist store

Aleksey is wearing: Pal Zileri shirt, Marks & Spencer knit pullover, TJ Collection corduroy trousers, Ralf Ringer suede boots

Elena and Alexander have been married for 5 years

Alexander most often sees his wife in strict business suits, but I really want romance! A 60s-style taffeta dress with a bow at the waist is just what you need. In it, Elena looks like a gentle princess.

On Elena: Coast dress, Chie Mihara suede ballerinas, beads - Stylist store

Alexandra wears TJ Collection corduroy jacket, Pal Zileri shirt, Ralf Ringer leather moccasins

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