When is it not too late to give birth?

When is it not too late to give birth?
When is it not too late to give birth?

Why do modern women give birth so late? Scholars and women themselves disagree on this issue.

When is it too late to give birth?

Why do modern women give birth so late? Scientists and women themselves disagreed on this question

The University of St. Andrews recently published a study that proves that the most ideal age for conceiving a child in a woman comes in adolescence. And the older the woman becomes, the lower the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the number of eggs in the female body steadily decreases with age.

So, by the age of 30 this number is reduced to 8% of the level that was at birth, and by 40 in general to 3%. Thus, from year to year, the chances of pregnancy and birth become more and more insignificant. The message of this study seems to be clear - if you want to give birth, start doing it as early as possible. But the average age of “debutante” mothers in the West has already approached to 29 years, and in some elite clinics even to 35.

Sociologists believe that social changes in society are to blame. Women are now increasingly engaged in themselves and their careers, postponing the birth of a child for later. They say that gender equality in the issue of conceiving children brings only harm. The women themselves categorically disagree with this.

Mothers35plus late mom activist Helen Scurra gave birth to a son at 41. She cites many celebrities, like Madonna, who have given birth after 40 without any difficulty. Skurra doesn't think work is one of the main causes of late pregnancy.

"Many of us just can't find the right man," says Helen. - And someone material circumstances do not allow. I don’t have enough money for myself, what can I say about a child! I think that over time, female fertility has evolved. Now we can successfully give birth after 40.”

But University of St. Andrews professor Tom Kelsey categorically refutes the assumption of evolution. “To be honest with you, I wouldn't want my teenage daughter to get pregnant,” Professor Kelsey says. - But according to all the laws of nature, she should give birth right now! In this regard, the female body has remained at the level of the Stone Age - no evolution!”

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