Less children, more for yourself

Less children, more for yourself
Less children, more for yourself

New book about family happiness calls: forget about children, take care of yourself!

Less for the kids, more for yourself!

New book about family happiness calls: forget the kids, take care of yourself

Famous American psychotherapist David Code claims to know a very simple recipe for "raising" happy children. Their parents need to deal less with their own children, and more with each other. The more happily married the parents, the better their children feel.

Code says you shouldn't sacrifice your personal life for the sake of raising children. “In families where children become the center of the universe, a very painful atmosphere is created,” says Dr. Code. - Parents there are morally devastated, and children, on the contrary, grow up too selfish and demanding. For some reason, we are too quick to sacrifice ourselves and our marriage for the sake of our children. However, if our marriage is strong and happy, then this will be an excellent example for children to follow. And you'll win double!”

Frank Fouredi, professor of sociology at the University of Kent, and author of Paranoid Parents, agrees with him. “Children's feelings of happiness, a sense of security and security, are inextricably linked to the relationship between father and mother,” says Professor Furedi. - If trusting relationships are built between them, if they love each other, live happily, then this will become a powerful source of inspiration for children. In a home where parents are happy, children feel safe. Therefore, pay more attention to each other! By doing this, you will help yourself and your children.”

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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