What does the word "love" mean

What does the word "love" mean
What does the word "love" mean

On the eve of Valentine's Day, we publish an excerpt from Oleg Roy's novel "The Man in the Window Opposite"

What does the word "love" mean

Oleg Roy's novels are read in one breath.

His new book "The Man in the Window Opposite" is published by the Eksmo publishing house.

Love… It seems to be such a simple, familiar concept from childhood. And at the same time, how many people live on Earth, so many poets and philosophers, psychologists and linguists, artists and themselves lovers try to understand and explain the meaning of this word. And so far, no one has succeeded in doing so. After all, how many people - so many types of love. And even more than that - the same person experiences this feeling differently each time. Or maybe it is generally unrealistic to convey in words the magic that occurs in our soul and in the whole world around us when we love and are loved? Is it so important for us to know why we are ready to move mountains and turn rivers back for the sake of one word, one look, one smile of our chosen one? It is enough that every lover is really capable of it…

Probably there is no such poetwho would not compare love with spring at least once. Indeed, love, like spring, is a time of hope, an unshakable faith that only good, bright and joyful lies ahead. And at the same time, loving, we are always afraid that happiness will pass as quickly as summer always passes, that feelings will turn yellow and fade, that rains of tears will wash away wonderful memories, and ice, cold and darkness will reign in the soul for a long time. In youth, it seems that your love is subject only to the whims of fate, and everything will be as this masterful lady orders, and nothing else. Only with age do you begin to understand that in many ways you yourself are the master of your life. The expiration date of your feelings depends on you - whether they turn out to be a perishable commodity and will soon be sent to the dump of unnecessary memories, or whether they will remain for many years and become your support, a fortress that protects against all life's adversities, a lifeline that will come to the rescue at the very difficult moment.

Love is work, and perhaps much more difficult than what we do in the service. In love, there are no non-working hours, weekends and holidays. As soon as you stop working on a relationship with a dear person, they run the risk of breaking at any moment. Insidious thing, these relationships with loved ones! Sometimes it seems that they resemble a faulty clock, the hand of which gets stuck, approaching a certain figure. Whatever they say, the notorious crises of family life (these same year, three years, ten years) still exist. And as a writer, I am often asked if there is a remedy to overcome these crises. I believe there is. That remedy is love. When people value each other, when they want to be together and are ready to accept their husband or wife as they are, no crises are terrible.

The poet Konstantin Vanshenkin said that "the pinnacle of love is a great miracle - children",and one cannot but agree with this. Love for a child, a wonderful creature that has collected and embodied both your features and the features of a person dear to you, is probably the best, brightest, kindest and purest kind of love. Our children will become our continuation, which means that our love, which brought us so much joy and bright beautiful sadness, will live forever - even after we ourselves are no more.

Love has many definitions, and none of them is universal, although each is good in its own way. And when people ask me which one I prefer, I usually answer: “Happy is the one who managed to save burning coals from the fire of his love for the warmth of the family home.”

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